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When you're looking for a motorcycle helmet, there

by:Osgoodway     2020-07-23

significantly increase the safety factors for wearing a helmet. It is important to juggle both when making a helmet purchase decision, options for style, function and for safety.

There are many cool add-ons that will make your helmet be customized for you. A great motorcycle helmet feature is a quick change shield mechanism, so you can replace a cracked or dirty shield and keep riding. This is a newer feature, it has been around for awhile but years ago it was necessary to try to wipe the shield clean to continue riding. It was either that, or stop and replace the whole shield, which takes time and isn't really feasible during a race.

If you often have an extra rider on your bike, you can buy a storage bag to hold the extra helmet while you're riding solo. This will make sure you always have one handy, and will protect the helmet from damage. Not only that but if you know you will not be having a passenger, you can replace the helmet with school books, lunch, a change of clothes or whatever. It is nice to have the ability to bring along some extra gear, just in case! There are other motorcycle helmet features which seem small, but can help to make your ride more comfortable. A strap guard will keep your chin strap from flapping against you in the wind, which can be annoying and painful.

If you live somewhere humid or hot, a helmet that has removable padding is a big plus. If your padding starts to get stale, you can remove it and wash it, which will leave it fresh smelling and comfortable again. Who wants to stick their head in their helmet and smell something bad? Another motorcycle helmet feature that many riders enjoy is a scratch resistant shell. This will keep your helmet looking new and shiny long after you first buy it, and keep you looking sharp as you ride. This doesn't mean the helmet can't get a scratch on it, quite the contrary. It can still be scratched however it will be much more difficult due to the new scratch resistant finished helmet manufacturers are using.

Vents are a good safety feature, as they can prevent your shield from fogging. Some riders choose not to go with this feature however because it can lead to a louder ride, and the vents do stick out a little. Vents can also make a huge difference in hot weather. Being able to adjust the air flow around your head while riding paramount for a comfortable ride. It will cut down on sweating and help increase the enjoyment factor of your ride. If you're ready to buy a new motorcycle helmet, motorcycle helmet features are the best way to make sure that you have a comfortable ride. A comfortable helmet is a helmet you'll keep wearing.

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