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what\'s harder than childbirth? a 100-mile run through india with a colostomy bag

by:Osgoodway     2020-02-21
As soon as I got to the starting line of the 100 m race in himaraya, I was pulled aside by a doctor who looked worried.
He was worried that I could not adapt to the altitude and thought that my moisture content would drop.
He has every right to worry.
Just two years ago, I was in a hospital in London and wondered if I could still eat, let alone run 100 miles.
Because if there\'s one thing in life that\'s certain?
Life is uncertain.
I never thought that one day I would live with a pocket maker.
Rewind to June 2010
I am 37 years old, a mother of two, living in East Sussex.
More importantly, I was healthy and trained in the triathlon.
Then, suddenly: disaster.
I was rushed to hospital for intestinal perforation and severe vaginitis;
Urgent surgery is needed to save my life.
Like in a car accident.
I watched everything unfold in front of me.
Over the next three years, I have had five severe abdominal surgeries to remove most of the large intestine and to repair various complications.
I went in and out of the hospital and received more invasive tests and CT scans than anyone should have had in their lifetime.
You will see the most inspiring bikini photos this summer, and I was told to leave the hospital after 6 hours of giving the child a drink
Driving ads have to show women driving why women are obsessed with constellations at one stage, and when I can\'t eat solid food for six months, my weight drops to 41 kg (
Just over six stones).
Life is very miserable and I might want to use it if someone gave me a gun.
Finally, at the end of 2012, I had another surgery.
This is a surgical procedure that produces something called a mouth-making through the opening of the stomach wall;
The medical term for surgical surgery to \"open\" in the body.
Must always be worn on the bag to collect waste from the small intestine.
Enteroplasty is commonly used in the diseased part of the transferred intestine and is usually found in clone disease, colonitis, or cancer.
It is often referred to as a colon surgery.
It is estimated that about 150,000 people in the UK have Colon pockets.
The operation was very successful.
I began to learn to eat again.
But most importantly, I want to start running again.
Sarah in the game, you see, I had a list of \"Dream games\" long before I got sick.
The most important thing is a 100 incident called himaraya.
In those dark years, my dream seems to disappear forever.
But, over time, I became stronger and realized that having a colon pocket actually didn\'t stop you from doing a lot of things.
Two years after the operation, I began to wonder if something impossible could actually happen.
Thank you to my family, friends, and charity Facebook group for the support and encouragement of lifestyle makers
I don\'t know how to make it.
I flew to Delhi on October 2014.
Himalayan 100, which takes place in the Darjeeling region of northeast India, borders Nepal.
The 100-mile stage race takes five days, crossing the rugged hills trail at 12000ft above sea level, and seeing Everest and Kanchenjunga.
Amazing amazing and incredibly hard.
The experience attracted people from all over the world;
It\'s mainly Super, adventure and marathon.
There are not many people with colon pockets.
Actually, I was the first.
It is understandable that race doctors are worried.
The mouth-making needs to be carefully treated for hydration.
It is difficult for the body to absorb salt without a colon, so dehydration is a real risk, especially at high altitude.
I know I\'m safe, but it\'s still a big risk.
The first day was cruel.
We climbed 24 miles and 2700.
In context, this is twice the height of benives in six and a half hours.
I was surprised how well I ran and how strong I felt, but it didn\'t last.
In the next few days, the pit on the side of the road is getting harder and harder to stop. I cried. Lots.
The elevation hurt my head and I felt sick, every rock slope was like a mountain.
I am so excited and tired that it is difficult to keep moisture.
Without the amazing views and friendships of the other runners, I would go home on the next plane.
It is impossible to sleep at high altitude.
You can\'t breathe, your heart hammer in your chest.
Going to the toilet many times in the evening to deal with leaking colon pocket also did not help.
Not the best preparation for running 6 to 10 hours a day.
The third day of the Everest Marathon was ruthless.
Running and climbing through the jungle and tea garden in the countryside for 10 hours on the Lushan Road, I completely finished it.
At one stage, I muttered that it was more painful than giving birth.
But thought is very powerful thing, I did not give up easily.
Somehow, I wanted my legs to work and spend the last two days.
I never liked running as much as the last few miles.
My body is under the greatest pressure, adrenaline is flowing in my body and I really feel like I\'m flying.
I know I\'m going to cross this line and that feeling is beyond description. Almost there. . .
The finish line of any race is always an achievement.
But Himalayan 100 is my biggest moment.
This is the hardest, most epic, and most brutal thing I \'ve ever done.
Not only because of the tenacity of the game, but also because of the journey I had to go there.
I was the first person to take a colon pocket to 100 of the Himalayas, and the race doctor said he never thought he would see the day.
He wants to tell his patients my story and let them know that you don\'t have to give up your life.
I\'m really lucky.
As an athlete, I have acquired the skills to help me cope with the pocket making of the colon.
Just like in sports, this is just another challenge that needs to be overcome.
I am more determined, my spirit is stronger, and I have more understanding of the hidden struggles that we are all dealing.
I just want to fill my life with experience and share it with the people I love.
If I don\'t admit to challenging times, I\'m lying;
When I am sick or when the bag is leaking and the skin is sore.
I chose not to drink any more because even the smallest glass of wine would give me a strong hangover.
But in most cases my bag won\'t stop me from doing anything at all.
This is the same because there is still a lot of adventure to do.
Follow Sarah\'s blog here.
The maker lifestyle athlete is a facebook team run by the charity \"maker lifestyle.
This is for those who have had a mouth surgery and want to live a positive life.
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