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What is the key to good customer service?


1. Quality Assurance

Our number one priority even greater than earning money is to provide professionally built and quality crafted products. The very process of manufacturing starts with taking the best quality cloth or polyester for bags production.

And we take care of the quality from start to finish from stitches to the zippers. You will find everything that clarifies our hard work and craftsmanship that we put in our products manufacturing. Also, the chances of complaining or dissatisfaction among your potential customers are minimal.

We are the leading backpack manufacturer in China, which provides unanimous support to our buyers thoroughly and with professional enthusiasm.

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2. On-time delivery

We value the importance of time and focus in the business line and feel the urge to provide our deliberate services for our valued customers worldwide.

In this line of business, on-time delivery brings wonders and help a potential businessperson to meet his/her goals in time.

After placing your order, our professional sales will be in contact with you until the delivery is done, to make sure everything goes the way it's supposed to be. In case of any delay or unsafe delivery of products, we are more than happy to return your advance, but that is highly unlikely as we trust our delivery services.


3. Innovation & thinking out of the box

A very visionary approach which leads the wheel of a business running is the innovation and new thinking which the overall team has to bring for the company.

We don't believe in the assessment of ideas only crafted by designers and development team, anyone with a solid plan or vision is more than welcome to put insight in the project.

We appreciate the people who help us to create something feasible and game-changer both for our business partners all over the globe, but also for various other indirect customers who will be using our quality backpacks products.

4. Designing and personalisation

Whether you want customised backpacks or other bag products manufactured by our company, we are more than available to help with the personalisation of various products relating to design, integrity and productivity in the business market.

 OSGOODWAY has an experienced and passionate design team who will offer personalised design to meet the customization demands. We are dedicated to giving you the best-personalised product with effective designing at an affordable price.

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5. Building trust

We have plenty of customers worldwide with positive reviews about the services and products OSGOODWAY have to offer.

The most important thing is the trust which continued to develop among our business partners around the globe and has stretched our friendship this further. We don't just sell our products. We buy your ultimate trust in our services and products which really fuels the things here at our company.

Building trust is not an easy process, it takes time and passion. We believe in the integrity of the agreement between our customers and our company and always held up to our end of the deal.

There are many products which we manufacture for our potential customers and other business purposes from Backpack to School Backpacks and from laptop computer bag to Outdoor Sport Bags and nearly all different kinds of backpacks for work, travel, study and other personal uses.


Osgoodway situated in China’s leading bag production base in Quanzhou.

We are a family-run business bag manufacturer with over 13 years experience providing OEM/ODM service.

Specialized in a wide range of bags, mainly backpacks, duffels, cooler bag, school bags, diaper bags , laptop bags, trunk organizer and dry bags.

We have acquired our own import & export license since its establishment,

with BSCI international certification and ISO9000 quality management system certification.

Quanzhou Osgoodway Co., Ltd.


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Zoey Lee (Sales Manager)


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