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What is the best award? Is it the Oscar Academy Awards

by:Osgoodway     2020-07-16

'To be honest, I am thrilled!' said David Wang, Marketing and Sales Manager of That Bag Shop Leather Handbags Company, 'Any feedback from our customers is a positive thing, even if it is complaints. And now the 99% positive feedback about our customer service is recognition for our efforts. I love this percentage, not for what we accomplished, but for the left 1% we have not reached yet. It keeps us going.'

Good and quick customer service is not just a motto posted on the leather handbags and purses online shop, but something that this professional team is doing every day. That Bag Shop provides quick response customer service in below aspects.

a. Every order/registration/message is followed up within 5 minutes during working hours, by email plus phone call.

b. Every order of leather handbags and purses is sent out within 3 working days after order and payment confirmed.

c. Every order of leather handbags and purses will be delivered to customers' doors in around 3-5 days because all orders are shipped out by fast express.

That Bag Shop sales team can be reached by various fast and easy ways:

a. That Bag Shop web-based chat tool (online during working hours).

b. That Bag Shop sales specialist emails (replies are done within 24 hours).

c. That Bag Shop sales hotline/Skype and other instant communicative ways.

Good and quick customer service is a powerful weapon when quality and price of leather handbags and purses are satisfied. And That Bag Shop is well aware of this and makes it one of its advantages to benefit regular and new customers.

That Bag Shop Leather Handbags Factory:

That Bag Shop is a China TOP 10 leather handbags manufacturer providing both retail and wholesale handbags with no 'Middle Man' profits-added price. That Bag Shop is a highest quality supplier and manufacturer offering 100% genuine Italian leather handbags through web site thatbagshop.

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