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what goes where: your guide to sorting christmas waste

by:Osgoodway     2021-01-19
So you open the gift and your living room is an ocean of wrapping paper, ribbons and cardboard. Now what?
Island Waste Management wants you to resist the temptation to throw everything together and throw them on the side of the road.
After all, no one likes to see the orange reject label on the bin or blue bag. P. E. I.
Holiday primer: how can you make your Christmas more eco-friendly after the gift is opened? Jay Scotland of cbc spoke with Heather Myers of island waste management about how to deal with some common Christmas items.
It is compost unless there is plastic or foil on it.
That\'s waste.
You threw those away?
No one will find out unless they are looking in your green bin, which is where they should go.
If they shine with a plastic coating, it\'s a waste.
But, Miles says, \"If you have a gift bag, it\'s brown paper with a brown paper handle that can be recycled so it can be used with your corrugated board or blue
The brown packaging can be recycled paper and can be packed in corrugated cardboard or blue bags.
Ribbon, bow and scrap, scrap and scrap.
Even if it has flash marks, the same is true of paper towel compost.
\"We will accept a small amount of pollution,\" Miles said . \".
Is there a bubble wrapNo on it?
Put it in the waste. (
Of course, after you pop it up).
Box box?
Like a cereal box or a frozen pizza box.
\"The difference is that the corrugated board has two layers of flat, with a wave layer in the middle,\" Miles said . \".
Put it in compost.
However, the cousin of corrugated board is recyclable.
It can be tempting to put these into compost, but don\'t.
They wasted it.
However, Clementine and their peelings can be used in compost.
Christmas lights if there is a plastic cover above the lamp, there is no recycling number on it, pull it down and put it in the waste.
The rest are placed in a recycled blue bag, with or without a light bulb.
\"If you can take the bulb out, take it out, and take it to the drop of the abandoned watch --
The light bulb recycling center, \"said Miles.
\"If they don\'t come out, leave them in the string and recycle them in the second blue bag.
\"The Christmas Tree Side collection of the Christmas tree starts in January. 7.
Remember, Miles said, that it may not be collected on the same day as regular garbage collection.
The rules of the Christmas tree are: there are no decorations on it, no metal foil, no more than 50 pounds, no more than 8 feet.
If it\'s more than 8 feet in length, you can cut it in half.
One more thing: \"Just make sure the tree is not stuck or covered with snow so the driver can get into it,\" said Miles . \". More P. E. I.
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