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Up-to-date trendy leather handbags and purses

by:Osgoodway     2020-07-16

Besides offering high quality products at competitive cheap wholesale price, That Bag Shop becomes more and more popular and successful by keeping the advantage of innovation. That Bag Shop fashion designer team is good at bringing out new and trendy designs, which on the one hand match the trend of the moment, on the other hand, stay classic and fashion even with time passing by. For example, some fashion elements in leather handbags industry are always valued; say python patterns, leopard prints, etc.

'We have been doing some innovation and combination of using classic elements based on real leather. And they work good.' said Sasha, chief designer from That Bag Shop, 'For example, last month we launched some python pattern series leather handbags. They were very hot sale. And still now.'

The previous python pattern handbags, crocodile leather wallets, etc. being well-received is one of the motives that pushes That Bag Shop designer have more new trend series of leather handbags for the market. And this time the designer team tries leopard pattern lining one deep color leather handbags. The bags look stunning the moment a sample was done! That Bag Shop trust and value a lot of their customers and a picture of new lining - leopard pattern lining was sent to regular retail and wholesale customers. Around 97% of the feedbacks turned out to be positive. Customers love this fashion leopard prints lining! So this will partly explain why sales go up this month.

'I look for quality and varieties, and so do my customers.' Said Azilian, a wholesale customer of That Bag Shop, 'I buy from That Bag Shop, because they value what I value.'

Fashion leopard pattern lining in deep color leather handbags have been popular, so what is next? Let's keep watching every innovative step taken by a China TOP 10 leather handbags supplier.

That Bag Shop Leather Handbags Factory:

That Bag Shop is a China TOP 10 leather handbags supplier providing both retail and wholesale handbags with no 'Middle Man' profits-added price, especially for shop owners, home purse party sellers, online traders, etc. That Bag Shop is a highest quality supplier and manufacturer offering 100% genuine Italian leather handbags through web site thatbagshop.

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