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Two of That Bag Shop's fashion designers have

by:Osgoodway     2020-07-19

That said, 'Paris Fashion Week got off to a black-and-white start on Tuesday as a duo of Asian designers sent out Spring-Summer looks for 2012 that played on monochrome in both setting and style'. So will we see an all black-and-white in 2012 spring and summer season?

'No.' said David Wang, That Bag Shop's leather handbags marketing manager, 'The fashion week is a source telling us what is the trend for the time coming, so it is only a trend, not that all things will be the same style. That Bag Shop is inspired by this Paris Fashion Week, too, and will bring out some black-and-white leather handbags for next season, but we will still keep to our product varieties.'

Fashion is about varieties in styles. For leather handbags industry, China TOP leather handbags supplier thatbagshop always keeps itself to the trend of fashion, while at the same time keep its own idea in designs and styles. 'For 2012 spring and summer season, we trend for varieties in colors, black and white are definitely included.' said That Bag Shop designers during the interview.

That Bag Shop, the TOP leather handbags supplier is famous for innovation in styles of fashion leather handbags for ladies. There are new styles launched on factory-based online store thatbagshop every two weeks. And normally shopping peak happens and continues for two weeks after new styles launched. That Bag Shop fashion designers are quite inspired by this, since new designs are popular and bringing up the sales; while customers are even happier, especially for wholesale customers, since new designs help refresh their shop shelves.

So for next season, are the new collection of fashion leather handbags trending black-and-white from thatbagshop worthy of expecting?

That Bag Shop Leather Handbags Factory:

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