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Travelling with baby can be sometimes as tricky

by:Osgoodway     2020-07-28

Before You Go

Contact the Airline: An essential thing to bear in mind while booking tickets on cheap flights to Sydney is to personally call the airlines or check the website for confirming some important facts. You need to ask about the availability of a sky cot/bassinet and up to what age the airline will accommodate. For long flights such as UK to Sydney, it makes sense to book an extra seat for the baby as one cannot be expected to carry a baby on lap for such a long duration.

Packing Bags: Make sure to stay insured. Try to focus on light luggage but be well equipped with all the necessary baby stuff including diapers, towels, wipe offs, baby soap, etc. Since you have to take care of the little one, avoid heavy luggage at all cost. Don't forget to make a separate nappy sack for some nappies and few wipes.

Reach the Airport Early: Travellers heading for Sydney holidays with kids must reach the airport before time as they cannot afford to make a last-minute rush with infant. One must spare some time before the flight as it helps the child to loosen up a bit and feel homely. Besides, you can also change the nappy/diaper and do other things before boarding the flight.

During the Flight

Ear pressure: Breastfeed your baby or offer a bottle, pacifier or sippy cup at the time of take-off and landing of your flight to Sydney. Changes in pressure may lead to ear pain and by doing this you can keep the kid busy in his chore. If the baby is sleeping during landing and take-off, then it's well and good, let him/her sleep soundly and do not awake him.

Changing the Clothes: Carry an individual changing bag while going to the bathroom. Always carry a plastic bag for disposing the waste or dispose the soiled nappies in the bins. Do not give it to the flight attendants because it is not their duty to handle the dirty nappies. Changing tables are generally placed in the toilet cubicles. Folding down the table in such a small area might create hassle for you. Request a member of the cabin crew to prepare the changing table.

Playing and entertainment: Cheerful mood of the baby is extremely important for the calmness of a parent travelling on cheap flights to Sydney. Your kid's irritation will annoy you and other passengers as well. Make sure to carry his favourite toy or something engaging like an empty plastic cup and a spoon to keep him occupied.

Feeding the Baby: Warming baby's food during flights may take some time, so always ask for food or milk to be heated in advance and be certain to check that it is not too hot for the baby. Remember to offer enough drinks throughout the journey as air travelling may dehydrate the baby. Carry your baby's bowl as you may not get a suitable utensil on board. Since spilling is a common thing for a child, make sure to bring spare clothes for you and kid.

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