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Today, designer handbags are available all over

by:Osgoodway     2020-08-05

Unfortunately, the exact date of the invention of the handbag is unclear. They are thought to have come about around about the time of the Egyptians as it is evident in their hieroglyphics that the men wore a small purse tied around their waist. From the 14th Century, they gradually expanded and have now been made for array of purposes in a range of styles, sizes and materials.

Handbags were originally designed for the use of both women and men alike in order to hold their coins; it appears that now it is a feminine accessory to carry around. With the exceptions of man bags such as backpack and messenger styles, there is not a huge range for them as there is for women. During the 18th and 19th century, pockets where incorporated into men's trousers and jackets in order to make it easier for them to carry around their spare change and other belongings. Pockets had to be regularly fixed by the men's wives due to the heaviness of their items.

Bags are now designed with many features for both practical purposes and fashion reasons. Zips, studs and pockets are common features which are often emphasised for style purposes rather than for practicality. Most fashion designers conform to creating flash, bespoke handbags and pride themselves on fashion aspects rather than practical purposes. They can be seen as staple pieces which result in many women owning plenty of them in an array of colours and styles; handbags are thought to be the most wanted designer items to own which result in them having long waiting lists and being costly to purchase.

After hundreds of years developing new creations, there is now a huge variety of styles to choose from, for a dozens of different purposes, ranging from the small clutch for evening wear to the large holdall for weekend use. With a massive range to select from, there is no need to worry about not having a bag to suit your specified occasion; you can carry your belongings around with you in style.

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