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To become a 'good, cheap and fast' supplier is

by:Osgoodway     2020-07-20

China TOP 10 leather handbags supplier That Bag Shop Leather Handbags Factory deeply understands this. The most innovative online supplier www.thatbagshop.com issued a 24 Hours Shipping Guarantee at the very beginning of May, 2011. After Mother's Day sale, That Bag Shop brings out a new policy about custom design handbags production lead time is shortened from 2 weeks to 1 week.

7 days lead time for custom design handbags is very rare in leather handbags industry. And what caused such an adventurous lead-time decision for this bold leather handbags supplier www.thatbagshop.com?

During Mother's Day, many filial customers inquired That Bag Shop about making custom landbags, customized leather handbagseather handbags for their dearest moms, as a lovely Mother's Day gift. But many have to give up since they are not aware of at least a 2-week lead time required for custom design items. And by the time the customer inquired, it is only several days left for Mother's Day.

'It is possible to make customized leather handbags within 1 week!' says David Wang, General Manager of That Bag Shop, 'I have never questioned why we turn a possible 1-week lead time into two-week, until our customers inquired about custom design items for urgent production.'

As an innovative and efficient leather handbags supplier, That Bag Shop makes this bold decision of guarantee 1-week lead-time production for customized leather handbags. This saves half of the time for both suppliers and customers. And it not only strengthens That Bag Shop's competence, but also the wholesale customers and resellers' competence.

About That Bag Shop Leather Handbags Factory:

That Bag Shop Leather Handbags Factory is by no means a new supplier in the industry of real leather handbags and purses wholesale. That Bag Shop supplies trendy ladies leather handbags by top quality real leather and first class hardware, through its online factory showroom www.thatbagshop.com. All wholesale orders of leather handbags and purses are offered with FREE OF CHARGE custom logo/private label design and embossing service.

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