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Tips to find reliable China bulk wholesale supplier

by:Osgoodway     2020-07-16

To Succeed in your ebay business or Home-based Internet


you need to find Wholesale Suppliers of Products you can sell,

and work

with them directly. China is well known as world factory. You may

notice that

most of the designers have its OEM factory or direct factory in China.

If you

can find these designers supplier in china, you will absolutely get the


profits. Want to get Lacoste Polo as low as $12.5/pc ?Did you


that The North Face Sumbit Jacket only $45/pc?It seems that it is the

smart way

to expend your business, if you work with China bulk wholesale


But finding these suppliers takes a great deal of time,even some


don't work with home-based business. You send hundreds of email may

rescue some

spam or scammer. If you don't know how to find a reliable bulk


supplier, the nightmire might be beginning, the B2B portal overwhilmed

with some

fake wholesale supplier, the fake wholesaler pretend to be a wholesaler

distributor who may take your money and disappeared or send merchandise

not as


regardless of how many years you are in business, you should follow


fundermental guidelines, if you don't want to lost your money.

1.Where do I find China wholesale supplier?


www.ec21.com is


perfect place to find real wholesalers who give you the cost


way to buy in bulk for your online business. As far as I know, up to

80% China

bulk wholesalers were registered these two website.But not all

suppliers in

these two website are reliable, be careful to check whether they are


supplier. If they are Alibaba Gold supplier, or Ec21.com




supplier, this means they have confirmed by the third party credit

agency. A

verified member registered with Alibaba.com or ec21.com is legally


and that its business address is correct. There are more reliable than


free members.

http://www.ec21.com/doc/app/service/tradeok.html TradeOK



http://www.alibaba.com/hermes/goldsuppliers.html Gold


Cndepot.com is China-based bulk


and also they are the EC21.COM TradeOK member.

2.Don't just focus on the prices

Reasonable prices are acceptable, lowest prices are better. Be very

careful the

amazon low prices, there may hidden some scam.Do you believe that only

$90 for

Ipod 4 GB? Due to the technological facts, there has no cheap IPOD in

China. You

should not only focus on prices, the quality and customer servies are

the same

important. instant responsed email or

Livechat online


will make you feel safer.

3.Asking for the priority delivery information.

As for a acient


there must has daily delivery via UPS,DHL or other couriers.

Asking for

their prority delivery information and track online. Checking the staus

of the

shipping information will help you a bit.

4.How do I identitfy a supplier from payment method?

don't use any other payment method except

paypal. Paypal

has a

number of protection policies that cover the qualified buyer who

purchase using

paypal. If the wholesaler is a qualified seller and accept paypal

payment, you

will be protected by paypal.If you never received paid goods or goods

not as

described, you can file a complaint via paypal.

5.other extremely effective way to identity supplier


href='http://www.whois.sc'>http://www.whois.sc to

check the status of the supplier website,it will show you some useful

information.Look at the supplier's


profiles,it maybe give you some hints.(http://www.alexa.com)

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