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Tips of school backpack bags selection


A good children's school bag should be backed on the body, do not feel tired, advocate the use of an ergonomic principle to protect the spine!
And more fashionable, children like, meet the standard of a good children's school bag!


Here are some ways to pick:

1. Buy it by yourself.

Note that the size of the bag is suitable for the child's height.
Consider a small school bag and choose the smallest bag that can hold your child's books and stationery.
In general, the bag should not be wider than the child's body; on the back, the bottom of the bag should not be 10 cm below the child's waist.
When carrying a backpack, the top of the bag is not higher than the child's head, and the position of the belt should be between 2-3 inches at the waist.
The bottom of the bag is the same height as the lower back, and the bag is in the middle of the back, not on the buttocks.

2. Focus on design.

Parents can't ignore the internal design of the bag when they buy a schoolbag for their children.
The interior space of the bag is reasonable in design. It can classify children's books, stationery and daily necessities.
It can cultivate children's ability to store and organize children from a young age, so that children can develop good habits.

3. The material should be light.

Children's schoolbags should be light, which is a good explanation. Since students have to carry a large number of books and items back to school,
in order to avoid the increase of students' load, the schoolbag should try to choose light materials.

4. The shoulder strap should be wide.

Children's schoolbag shoulder straps should be wide and wide. This is also a good explanation.
We all carry the schoolbags. If the shoulder straps are narrow, plus the weight of the schoolbags, long-term back on the body,
it is easy to hurt the shoulders; the shoulder straps should be wide.
It can help reduce the pressure on the shoulders of the bag and evenly distribute the weight of the bag.
The padded shoulder strap can reduce the strain on the trapezius muscle of the bag.
 If the shoulder strap is too young, the oblique side Muscle will be more susceptible to fatigue.

5. With a belt.

Children's schoolbags should be equipped with a belt.
This bag is rarely used in previous school bags.
The belt can make the bag closer to the back and the weight of the bag is evenly discharged on the waist and the bone.
And the belt can fix the bag to the waist, preventing the bag from swinging and reducing the pressure on the spine and shoulders.

6.  Stylish and beautiful

When parents buy a schoolbag for their children, they should choose the type that suits the child's aesthetics and let the children go to school happily. 


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