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this beach bag will change the way you pack for the beach

by:Osgoodway     2020-02-26
It can be painful to pack to the beach.
Inevitably, you will forget something or overload your bag so that it is impossible to find anything-not to mention the weight.
Then the sand . . . . . . But there is another option.
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Dezzio is a product design company that introduces a bag that not only keeps the organization of everything, but also is waterproof and helps with all the sand.
\"There\'s nothing worse than mixing your smartphone, wallet, drink and beach outfit in an old thing --
School beach bag
It was really frustrating to go home with messy sand all over the place.
We decided we had to have a better way, \"Dezzio co-
Founder, Aditi Agarwal, a statement to the press.
\"Dezzio is the perfect beach bag for those who want to keep their fashion awareness while keeping their items sand --
Not hurt by water.
It makes your day on the beach exactly what you want --
Fun and relaxing.
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There are some other cool features.
The pockets on the side are insulated and can be used as a cooler for drinks, and there is even a bottle opener on the zipper.
Inside, the charging module can be used to give some extra juice to your phone or tablet, it even comes with an eco bag that you can put your wet swimsuit once you\'re done
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\"We have put the needs and demands of the Beach --
Goer is the core of the package design process, \"says Akshay Jain of Dezzio co-founder.
The bag currently has three styles and two sizes, and the retail price starts at $59.
For more information, visit the Kickstarter event.
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