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The sun visor comes in many different styles these days

by:Osgoodway     2020-08-04

The beanie sun visor transcends weather patterns by protecting you from the hot and cold. Marrying the edgy beanie with the functional visor, the hat protects your eyes from the sun, and also keeps your head well covered. Volcom's Full Stone Visor Beanie utilizes sustainable alternative material like organic cotton, vegetable dyes, organic stains and other environmental-friendly material make this a unique purchase. There is an added reason for you to buy this hat ' 1% of the sales of this series will be donated to the 1% For The Planet organisation. So you can actually look great while contributing towards a worthy cause.

Calling all outdoor enthusiasts! There is a perfect hat made for you that combines both form and function. Inspired by the visor, the radar visor from Outdoor Research protects your face from the sun with UPF 30+ protection. The TransAction' headband provides comfort and absorbs sweat droplets, keeping your head dry. The folding bill and Supplex' nylon make it flexible and easy to fold. You don't need to take up room in your backpack, just stow it away in your pocket.

For a range of cotton sun visors check out Otto International. Made of 100% cotton, these traditional visors are designed with an open top. Still going strong after years of being in the market, these visors now come with bolder and brighter designs. Whether you're feeling patriotic, bold or want to unleash your wild side, there are a great range of designs and prints to be found. Perfect for those who don't wish to mess their hair, but still want to keep the sun out of their eyes.

Keep a cool head at all times, with our straw visor collection. Ideal for the beach or golf course, these hats will protect your eyes from the harshest rays of the sun. Its broad brim will also shield your face, and the straw material provides sufficient breathing room to the top of your head, while keeping it away from the heat.

Sand N Sun offers some interesting designs with their wide brim sun visor. With a 4.5' cotton brim, this hat offers great protection to your eyes, while the twisted paper straw material on the hat gives your head room to breathe. Perfect for the sunny outdoors, this is a simple and elegant hat that you can wear all year long. The elastic back of the hat also makes it an easy fit for all head sizes. So if you're looking for something with a wide brim, then this hat is a perfect fit.

With the different types of visors available in the market today, you can wear one for practical purposes like keeping the sun away from your face, or simply because they make you look cool. Visors can be worn even in the winter now, providing good protection from the cold wind. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a sun visor from our collection today.

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