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The Right Way to Wear a Backpack for a Good Fit


** Matching tips for backpacks **

· Casual style

Casual styles of backpacks are mostly more stylish, dynamic, more refreshing models. A backpack that highlights the playful, lovely, youthful vibrancy.Like the vintage backpack below. Retro is a popular element,and most of the backpacks using it. This type of backpack is not only stylish,and it's better to match clothes, almost suitable for all informal occasionsdress style.


· Student style


In recent years, students' requirements for school backpacks not only pursue functions but also pay more attention to fashion and trends.The student backpack has a slight overlap with the casual model. Due to the revival Of retro style, once the basic style of the backpack is back in the eye of the people. The backpacks reveal a collegial freshness, energy and flexibility.

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· Travel style


The backpack of travel style pays attention to the comfortable sex of shoulder belt mostly, multifunctionality, and large capacity. Therefore, the general travel bag style is very large. But there are also stylish and high-volume models. Like the style per below. Our waterproof travel backpack use reinforced anti-theft lock and high quality waterproof polyester protect your belongings well. It offers at least three different ways of carrying. Two durable straps are in a hidden compartment to make this bag a backpack/rucksack. A detachable shoulder strap can easily turn the backpack into a messenger bag/crossbody bag/handbag/shoulder bag .

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· Business style

The need for computers is becoming more and more common nowadays,Office workers have to have a backpack that can hold a variety of files and computers. Fine shirts and trousers are the common attire of many office workers, Ordinary backpacks aren't enough to highlight their business atmosphere. A good business backpack, not only can add temperament, multi-functional partition to create an orderly new pattern inside the bag. General business backpacks are relatively strong and three-dimensional, match a proper shirt, Can be a good foil to business people forceful aura.



Osgoodway is a family-run business bag manufacturer (OEM/ODM) based in China, whose core value is manufacturing high quality products for customers from different business fields all over the world .Our manufacturing expertise lies in a wide range of bags, mainly backpacks, duffels, trunk organizer and cooler bag, school bags, diaper bags and promotional items. We also specialize in tactical/business bags, with a total production floor area of 6000 square metres and 120 employees.

With a capacity to turn over:

· 10,000 trunk organizer per month

· 100,000 backpacks per month

· 50,000 laptop bags per month

· 100,000 promotional bags per month



Osgoodway situated in China’s leading bag production base in Quanzhou.

We are a family-run business bag manufacturer with over 13 years experience providing OEM/ODM service.

Specialized in a wide range of bags, mainly backpacks, duffels, cooler bag, school bags, diaper bags , laptop bags, trunk organizer and dry bags.

We have acquired our own import & export license since its establishment,

with BSCI international certification and ISO9000 quality management system certification.

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