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The pull up is a great, basic exercise. When you

by:Osgoodway     2020-08-13

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your pull ups. If you work at them, then you'll simply get loads stronger!


Once you can do a few pull ups easily, it's time to make them harder. And one easy way to do that is to add weight/resistance.

There are tons of great ways to add resistance to your workout. If you're doing your workout at home, a backpack is great. Just fill it with some weights, dumbbells, books, your pets, etc. and you can add that much weight to your exercise.

When I'm at the gym, I like using a weight belt. This way I can add weight in exact increments (5, 10, or 25 pound plates) and track myself. I also like having the weight suspended from my hips with the belt more than a backpack, where the weight is primarily attached to my torso.

Daily Improvement

This is a technique and mindset more than a specific workout. But it will help you develop strength and power over a long time.

Pavel Tsatsouline, the famous Russian strength training coach, calls this technique Greasing the Groove. The basic idea is that, for pull ups, you have a pull up bar in a doorway of your house (for example, the bathroom) and every time you walk through the door you do a few pull ups (say, 5).

And then a week or two later, you do 6 every time you walk through the door. Each week you gradually increase the number. Until you're doing more (or a lot more weight) than you would've thought.

This sort of gradual, daily improvement is very powerful over time. And it keeps your risk of injury really, really low.

Home or Gym?

This is one of the big conflicts you'll probably run into. You can easily do your pull-up workouts at either your home of the gym - so, which?

I personally like working out at the gym. When I'm at the gym all the distractions in my house are gone (piles of dirty laundry, my computer and cell phone, dirty dishes, etc.) and I can focus 100% on my workout. I workout at home rarely.

True, it is covenant, but keeping that extra floor space clear is difficult. And there's always something else I could be doing when I'm at home. They gym is just a better space to workout, in my opinion.

Less Hands

Another way to make your pull ups more intense is to simply remove some fingers. Or even a hand.

If you can do 10 pull-ups easily, try doing that with just 9 fingers. And when you can do it easily with 9, try 8. Or 7. Work your way down to doing 1 handed pull ups.

This is difficult, I won't lie to you. But if you put in the time, you'll be able to make it happen. And the strength you cultivate so gradually will be gained with a very low chance of hurting yourself, which I think is great.

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