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the mets are banning backpacks at citi field and fans are not happy about it

by:Osgoodway     2020-02-29
Less than two months after Washington Nationals banned backpackers from leaving the stadium, the New York Metropolitan began following suit.
Mets announced on Friday that Citigroup will no longer allow backpacks from May 20.
For the safety of all guests and to improve the efficiency of entering @ Citi, we have updated our baggage policy, which will take effect on Monday, May 20 and will ban the use of backpacks at the baseball field.
Details: Pictures. twitter.
The Com/vS6HY7pR1jTheteam website specifically states that small coolers, handbags and diaper bags are still allowed.
But anyone will throw away the backpack or have to pay for the locker when storing the backpack in the stadium.
This brings inconvenience to many fans.
If you go to work with your backpack and want to go straight to the game from work?
Now you can\'t afford to stay at home or pay more (
Except for tickets and food)
Rent a locker.
While paper diapers are allowed, many families choose to carry all the necessary things with their backpacks and take small children on trips outside.
Just as Nationals have announced their policies, the Mets have not given specific reasons other than \"for the safety of all guests and for the efficiency of entering Citi.
\"Since they are making a change that will make it harder for many people to play games at Citi stadium, you might imagine that they will give specific details about how many people usually go to the stadium with their backpacks, and how many minutes will this policy shorten the waiting time for safe queues.
But the Mets did not answer these questions.
The response of the Metropolitan fans is the same as when their team announced the National Park backpack ban: with righteous anger and ridicule!
Will you make money with your third transaction?
Dallas Keucher signing party locker rental company?
We are reducing the cost of safety.
It\'s bad enough that we pay for metal detectors. ? ? ? ️?
The most sensible adults attending the metropolitan games come out of work directly, carrying laptops and other commuter gear.
What should we do now?
I don\'t think I will go to the weekend again. This is awful!
As a teacher, I go to play some games directly from school and after-school activities.
I don\'t have a car to put my bag in.
What should I do with those games? !
Will my 4 year old have a toddler with me?
A pocket-sized bag was forced to check his stuffed animals and snacks in a \"third party locker?
This is ridiculous.
The backpack is the diaper bag I used for my little guy.
On a promotional night, you try to pee bags with a toddler and a shoulder in a ball park.
Will you pay for my masseuse?
What if I put my backpack in my handbag? pic. twitter.
Com/ak8onsiqqthe policy is bad and it\'s also bad to edit your email. pic. twitter. com/RLgksjFFUF?
Meet the metros right away, meet the metros don\'t bring schoolbags, don\'t bring jerksAnd to make sure you\'re not from the workplace because there\'s no reason for this policy to get your fans out of the way?
All of these angry comments have a common thread: the policy is driving away fans.
Those who want to get off work on a week\'s night to play games, those families who put their money aside on Saturday afternoon to take their children to play games, all feel unwelcome.
With MLB\'s attendance plummet, a policy like this would not help fans return to the stadium.
Especially when the Mets felt at first why they banned backpacks, they were not completely in front of the fans.
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