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The long plane journeys and hectic airport security

by:Osgoodway     2020-07-29

Tips for Flying with Baby

As a matter of fact, flying with infants is possible anytime after its birth. But for avoiding the baby from getting transmitted with any germs of the plane's air conditioning system, it is better to plan avoid flying with infants until they turn 4 weeks to 6 weeks of age. The best way to decide the exact time for flying with baby, is to consult with your family physician or any general practitioner about the air travel compatibility and overall health of your baby. More on travel tips.

Advanced Booking

It is important to have advanced booking and a separate seat for the baby, to avoid that last minute travel rush. While doing so, it is important to ask the travel agent about availability of some special arrangements for the parents who are flying with infants. Most of the times, the big airline companies have such packages. If available, opt for them. Most of the times, it is assumed that night time is the best for you to fly with the baby, but you need to consider tendency of your baby too. Because, some babies can sleep well in the noisy conditions, while some of them cannot tolerate any disturbance in their night's sleep.

Seat Confirmation

Rather than the rear seats with noise of the plane engines that are nearby, you should always ask for the front seats of the plane. These seats also come with extra legroom, which provides comfort to both you as well as your baby. If you are aiming a long distance journey, you should also opt for the baby seats, which are available at the half of the price of your tickets. You can also have a car seat for making it easy for you while landing and taking off. Finally, it is important to recheck with the travel agent that all your requirements are on their records. More on how safe is flying.

Packing Essentials

It is important to take only the most essentials things while flying with baby. Breast-feeding is the best option which can significantly reduce the baby food items from your luggage. But don't forget to take some extra ready to feed baby food in case the flight gets delayed. You can take homemade food for weaning babies, while baby formula is great bottle feeding babies. If you can afford, you can also arrange a travel bottle warmer as you cannot get one on the plane! Do not forget to take boiled water and diluted fruit juice in a cool bag for the babies who are over 6 months of age. More on air travel tips.

While On Board

It is very important to keep the babies safe from ear pain when flying. For that, feed them before taking off and after landing. You can give babies to suck on a dummy, which will also distract them from the plane noise while taking off. If the baby seems disturbed and uneasy after the take off, then walk her in the aisle for a while. Once on board, the key is to keep your baby well fed and reassured about her safety. Most of the babies easily adjust with the cabin atmosphere which makes it an easy ask for flying with baby. More on baby safety.

As a last note, it is a good idea to change the baby's cloths and diapers, just before getting on board. Also, seek for a non-stop flight, so that the baby gets least disturbed. Well, this was all that I could tell you about flying with baby. Total preparation and a positive attitude is all that you need for flying with baby! Happy journey!

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