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The genius of the poets Arthur rimbaud and handsome

by:Osgoodway     2020-07-20

Hermes early in order to make senior harness famous in Paris, and the launch of the bag, garment, silk scarves, perfume, enamel jewelry and household products, make the brand more comprehensive diversification. Let all the products to fine to beauty, impeccable, Hermes is the tenet. Hermes has 14 series products, including skin with, bags, silk scarves, men and women clothing series, perfume, watch etc, most are manual elaborate, no wonder some called Hermes products as the ideological deep, grade noble, connotation is rich and exquisite works of art. Hermes high-quality goods return to traditional elegant to the world's arms.

Hermes brand image based on the consistent high-grade, high quality principles and unique France relaxed style, on the basis of factors in popular, the it is the product of reason and attractive. keep Classic and high quality, the first-class craft will make, durable practical performance and concise and easy and elegant elegant, and the combination of Hermes not but identity and status symbols, and is also known as to make you a Life will never fall behind the fashion of the thing.

Founded in 1837, Hermes to make advanced harness started, from the beginning of 20 centuries into senior clothing century on s onwards releasing perfume, suit, accessories for footwear, porcelain, etc

Products, to become a comprehensive across the grade of the life representative. Adhere to the self, not drift with the current of Hermes over the years has been maintained a contracted natural style, 'pursue the real me, returning to the nature' is Hermes design goal, let all the products to fine to beauty, impeccable Hermes is the tenet. Hermes brand all products are choose the best advanced materials, pay attention to craft adornment, detail exquisite, with its excellent quality to win a good reputation.

Historical development

Tracing back to 1837, was born in Germany (1801), originally from French Thierry HERMES, founding his harness manufacturing company, his first case of business that is made for the horse collar! In order to

Let the horse can wear the most stick neck collar, Thierry HERMES has spent a lot of time and efforts, meticulous, and finally, on the world of 1867 leather in the exhibition business to get a first-class medal, also by

The lay in his harness and carrying out the leather series of solid foundation. However, the harness of the family enterprise manufacturing do start, in the appearance of the automobile is of great changes have, in the third generation

Charles-Emile HERMES under control, HERMES is not only not out of fate, but launch leather series and 'saddle needle steps' suitcase, created the love of the spirit of the Hermes new style, make Hermes career experience mastery of growth, and the establishment of the Hermes apart Style.

In the 1920 s, Hermes the development course of also actively expand to handbags, traveling bags, gloves, belts, jewelry, notebook, and watch, an ashtray, a silk. even In the fifth generation of Robert DUMAS after he took over, in succession more Introduced a perfume, tie, suit, bath towel, accessories for footwear, porcelain, jewelry, men and women dress, watches and desk act the role ofing series and other new goods, let Hermes become a real across all life

Azimuth taste representative. Today's Hermes group is divided into three system, namely Hermes Sellier (leather products), La Montre Hermes (watch) and Hermes

Parfums (perfume); In the world with 186 franchised stores, 56 retail shop, in order to maintain consistent keep Hermes taste and the image, all products of the design, for each of the stores

Pattern design, even to display in French manufacturer are custom-made, just air to around the country, and is expected to keep the one hundred-year history of the persistence.

In 1837, DiYe who Hermes Grand Boulevards in Paris, opened a harness stores.

In 1867, held in Paris in the world exposition, Hermes with advanced technology, won silver award.

In 1880, Charles Hermes follow in his father's footsteps, shops moved to f treasure road no. 24, and shares the presidential palace. In its Andrew Randolph and Emile help, the Hermes successfully develop Europe, North America, America and Asia market.

In 1892, a pair of boots with shoulder belt bag formal appeared.

1914, love MaShi its hires to have 70-80 professional potter's saddle, and realize the auto sector unlimited potential.

In 1920, Emile become Hermes brand leaders love. Hermes business area expanded to the original products outside of the portfolio, luggage, tourist products, auto parts, silk scarves, belts,

Jewelry and wrist watch.

In the 1930 s, love MaShi launch more real watercooler moment classical series. Since then, 'kelly' purse (1935), Sac a deeches portfolio (1935), the anchor bracelet

(1938) and riding costumes is listed on the list of Hermes legend.

In 1937, originally for knight do the silk coat inspired Hermes silk scarves of creative inspiration.

In 1951, Emile Hermesdied, the luo hub, and Jane 'rone loyal cooperation. Hermes carriage trademark and orange box witness of new product are available. Robert deeply father-in-law

The influence of the lifetime, and actively participate in new product creation, his strong interest in silk scarves, more Hermes become a generation of silk scarves famous brand groundwork.

20 centuries 60-70 s, a series of Hermes stores in Europe, Japan and the United States open all over.

In 1978, a year in 1938 the fifth generation du Mr. Wallace family members of the Hermes become leaders. He will silk products, leather products and fashion deductioned afresh.

In 1987, Hermes celebrated the 150th anniversary of, its technology and art combined with the unique style of get affirmation.

In 1991, Hermes through 'the party far journey' theme to Asia salute.

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