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the easiest ways to save money

by:Osgoodway     2020-02-24
Don\'t waste any more money!
There is an old saying: \"The easiest way to make money is not to spend money \".
That makes sense.
It takes time and effort to make money.
If you want to make more money, you need to spend more time and energy to make money.
In many cases, it is easier to simply spend less money than to find a way to make more money.
Like most good suggestions, it\'s easy to say less.
This article will highlight some of the easiest ways to save money by focusing on waste.
We wasted a lot of money.
It\'s so easy to buy things that almost everyone spends their money on things they don\'t need, or if they\'re gone, they won\'t be missed.
Don\'t waste money on cable/satellite TV!
Most people have a great chance to save money by cutting off cable or satellite TV.
I recently disconnected my Dish Network satellite TV at my house.
It costs me about $110 a month.
Add up to more than $1200 a year.
I decided to save a lot of money by cutting satellite TV and using cheaper alternatives.
I\'m afraid my family will regret the decision to cut satellite TV.
We had satellite TV and cable TV for 10 years before that.
However, we spent more time watching Netflix.
$8 a month.
I still want to watch the local live news, so I bought an indoor hd TV antenna to receive free hd TV in the air.
The price of the antenna is $50 and there is no monthly fee.
I am happy to save $1200 a year by cutting satellite TV.
It\'s really a waste of money because we didn\'t get $1200 worth of revenue through satellite TV.
We will not miss it!
Don\'t waste money on food!
Do you know that the average American is 23 pounds overweight now?
The fact that most people buy food they don\'t really need is a waste of money.
If you are overweight, eat more food than you ask for, which is as wasteful as throwing away food!
In fact, overeating is worse than buying food and throwing away food because being overweight is bad for your health.
To increase the fat by 700, additional food costs more than $23 pounds.
You can save money if you no longer waste money on extra food.
The quickest way to save money is to reduce fast food and restaurant food because it is much more expensive than buying groceries and making food yourself.
Here are some tips on how to reduce spending on eating out.
Another good way to waste less money on food is to pack lunch instead of buying lunch.
You can pack a healthier lunch than a fast food restaurant, and the price may be lower.
I save about $165 a month by packing lunch instead of eating outside.
Don\'t waste money on drinks!
Many people drink soda or bottled water out of habit.
This is an expensive habit.
The price of soda or bottled water is about $1. 50 per bottle.
Soda is not healthy-
Ordinary soda contains corn syrup, which is also very hot.
Sugar-free soda contains a large amount of chemicals.
All sodas are carbonated and expose your teeth to carbonated water.
If you drink one or two bottles of bottled water or soda a day, you can save about $100 a month by replacing drinking water with tap water.
Several brands of bottled water that cost more than $1 per bottle are actually bottled tap water!
You can get a refillable container and take your own water almost free of charge.
If you want, you can buy a kettle with a carbon filter or even a water bottle with a built-in filter
To improve the taste of your tap water, in the filter.
If you really like soda, you can save money with Sodastream homemade soda at home.
Not only is this cheaper than buying soda in stores, but it also reduces the use of plastic bottles.
The Sodastream system comes with reusable 1L bottles, CO2 cans and a variety of soda flavors.
Bringing your own water or other drinks from home is not as convenient as buying cold drinks on the spot, but I think most people can get rid of this habit quickly and won\'t miss it too much.
Coffee is another drink that people pay.
I drink coffee every day.
I made great coffee at home, 60 cents for a 16 ounce.
If you buy a cup of coffee at a coffee shop, the same cup of coffee costs about $2.
I used to buy coffee in a coffee shop every day, sometimes more than once a day.
This adds a lot of money.
Now, I make coffee at home every morning and carry it with me.
If you have a set
In order to make coffee at home, you don\'t need to waste money in a coffee shop for expensive coffee.
If you buy coffee in a coffee shop every day, you can save between $50 and $100 a month by making your own coffee at home.
Don\'t waste any more money on interest!
Bankers usually live in big houses. There\'s a reason to drive a good car --
We pay them interest every month!
If you have a credit card balance, you may pay between 12 points. 9% to 29.
Interest is 9% per month.
If you only pay the minimum amount, you may pay for 20 years or more before the credit card is paid off!
The best way to avoid paying interest on a credit card is to avoid holding the balance on the credit card.
If you already have a credit card balance, can you do something to stop wasting money on interest? Yes-
You can get a combined credit card loan.
If you have a good credit rating and a high enough income, you can get a low-interest loan from the bank to pay off your credit card.
Most people with credit card balances can save thousands of dollars through credit consolidation and can pay off credit card debt several years in advance.
My free credit card combined loan calculator lets you figure out how much you can save when you pay interest.
If you have a home mortgage, you can save interest by refinancing your mortgage (also known as refinancing)fi.
A mortgage refinancing loan may give you a home loan with a lower interest rate than the current loan. Mortgage re-
There are payment fees and other fees for the Fi loan, so you need to stay in your current house for a few years and redecorate
To save you money.
What should you do without wasting all your money?
What can you do with the money you save?
If you have a high-interest loan, it\'s a top priority to use the money to pay off those debts.
If you pay off your debt at 29% interest, it\'s like getting a 29% return on your money.
If you do not have a high interest debt, you can deposit your newly discovered money into a savings account, but the interest rate is currently below 1% per year.
If you invest in the stock market,
Including the Great Depression and other recessions, long-term historical returns are about 8%.
Take a look at this investment calculator and see how long it will take for your savings to reach your goals.
You can enter the rate of return to compare saving in the bank and saving in the bank.
Investment in the stock market.
You can also calculate the impact of capital gains tax and inflation on your investment.
If you save it, it\'s a good motivation to see how much you\'re wasting now to help you.
Don\'t waste any more money!
Don\'t waste, don\'t waste \"the old saying means that if you don\'t waste anything, you won\'t want anything because you\'re enough.
Most people can find ways to stop wasting money.
If you check where your money goes and how much value you get, you can find some ways to cut expenses that you won\'t notice.
Following the tips in this article, you can save hundreds of dollars every month with little effort.
Pay off the debt with the money you don\'t spend, then invest and watch it grow!
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