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te awamutu countdown phasing out single-use plastic bags

by:Osgoodway     2020-02-25
Single for Te Awamutu countdown
Plastic bags will be used from Monday, September 3.
However, despite the ban, Countdown stores nationwide will still use plastic bags to make products for fruits, vegetables, picking mixed foods and delicatessens and bakeries.
The company also sells a bigger and thicker plastic bag.
Called \"emergency\" bagfor 15c.
Kiri Hannifin, general manager of Countdown company affairs, said the \"emergency\" package was the last option.
\"It\'s for customers who go out with a bunch of groceries and forget to bring their own bags.
The bag is made of 55 Micron plastic and is designed to be used up to 20 times, Kiri said.
Any profit from selling these bags will be donated.
The company will review the package next year to decide if it is still needed, she said.
The top priority of the countdown is that people bring their own bags or buy the $1 reusable fabric bag for the countdown.
Te Awamutu Countdown will be one of the 87 nationwide no-Pack Countdown stores so far, and the rest will be added by the end of 2018.
Signs are set up at the entrance and checkout of the supermarket to warn customers of this change.
The ban means 5.
2 million single-
The use of plastic bags will circulate every week from across the country.
The countdown to Cambridge is still using plastic bags.
However, customers are encouraged to enter the habit of using reusable bags.
After the government announced plans to force the elimination of singles, the Countdown initiative began.
Use plastic bags for the next year.
The countdown \"takes pride in what we do for the environment,\" Kiri said \".
\"We are very happy to be able to help prepare New Zealand for a wider country by helping to make reusable bags the norm.
\"Although we still have a long way to go, this is just the beginning of our journey.
\"In the past year, the countdown has removed more than 70 tons of unnecessary plastic from its production department, including the removal of plastic packaging from bananas --
15 was deleted for this item alone.
8 tons of plastic.
The countdown also said it would remove the single-
Use a plastic straw before October 1.
It will also use new packaging for its dozens of interiors
It serves baked goods and delicatessens.
New packaging in local-
Recycling pets (rPET)packaging.
The name RPET, which represents a recycled polyethylene mixture, is a plastic already used for packaging, such as a plastic bottle.
Products packaged by RPET will be sold from October.
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