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shoulder your responsibility, man

by:Osgoodway     2020-02-23
David Coleman Young
2006 there was a time when young people in the world were eager to put all the traces of their lives in the mailroom.
This spirit still exists: when they move from Messenger to chaos, they are happy to accept fee accounts, Equinox membership and UK shoes.
However, they are not willing to give up 20-
Something of a style, a messenger bag, handcuffed yourself in the middle
Manage cement blocks, briefcases.
New benefits require a new package to accommodate them.
But here one is against the old golden phoenix pattern;
Think about martini--too dry! too gimmicky! --
Not porridge.
The briefcase is too stuffy.
Messenger bag: too schlubby.
\"All of a sudden, we got to a place where 50% of our men\'s business bags had shoulder straps,\" said Tom Karen Drian, who is in charge of the men\'s wear in Barnes, New York (
Carry Il Bisonte canvas and leather backpack for years). Mr.
Some technologies, says Kalenderian. -
The laptop is very heavy and requires a strong bag, mobile phone and laptop. D. A.
Do you need people? on attention --
The change was forced.
But he also praised fashion, especially John Varvatos, who has been showing stylish Bohemian-style shoulder bags for years, allowing men to taste the more active, younger hints of shoulder bags
The ad \"even if we\'re making a briefcase that\'s not random --
\"It looks like a bag. We have to put a shoulder strap on it, otherwise the bag will not be sold . \"
Kalenderian said, referring to the private nature of the store --label bags.
\"It caused or destroyed sales.
\"The ad is still, putting a shoulder strap on a briefcase doesn\'t make it a briefcase;
In many cases it just makes it look weird.
Just found-right model (
Not very good computer
Safety, status-geek or suburban
Conscious fashion or retro70\'s youthful)
You can bring some works, both style and practicality.
No wonder the men\'s clothing business of France\'s low-key Henry Green --
Chic handbag makers have opened a new store in the meat packaging area, more than doubling last year.
\"It\'s really hard,\" said Mark Veeder, 42, creative director of event quest, an event planner.
\"You don\'t want it to look too much like a businessman, and you don\'t want it to look too much like a girl.
\"Believe that a sharp bag will make a good first impression (
Not the beginning of a bad conversation)
Over the years, he bought a backpack from ramberson Truks almost every six months.
\"Everyone wants to know where I got it,\" he said . \".
\"Gay, straight, it\'s okay.
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Finding a good package also means solving the actual problem.
Some of the best-
Flat fashion design;
The novel of the new Jonathan Safran fall is a flat and stylish mobile phone and nothing else.
Peter Wilson, partner at Manhattan law firm, has been searching for a right shoulder bag for more than a year until he finds a right shoulder bag at Louis Vuitton ---
All Black, please. No Risperidone tablets--
It\'s big enough for his stuff, but small enough for his sense of style.
He said: \"it reads classic and tailor-made, which is why it is dressed enough to go to work . \"Wilson, 50.
\"I have been carrying some sort of briefcase for years.
I can\'t imagine going back.
It\'s great to have your hands free.
\"It is understandable that many men are reluctant to wave a bag that makes too many statements.
For them, the best bags are usually those with masculine qualities, just like the ones from Beglin and sang mulberry.
The combination of leather and canvas has an old one
School, utilitarian style.
Here, Il Bisonte is an outstanding figure with almost a dozen subtle styles in dark and light-colored canvas colors.
The weight of the canvas is also lighter than the leather, which is notable if you are looking for the perfect bag.
But maybe the perfect bag itself is the problem, not the solution.
For Jack Ryan, 38, the senior sales manager at Kartell design store did not have a perfect package, an illusion that women had long been abandoned but men refused to give up.
\"Men don\'t like to change the bags they carry with them . \"Ryan said.
\"They will have a better life if they want.
\"Over the years, he has gone through a series of bags: Prada backpack, Il Bisonte backpack, Hermes briefcase, L. L. Bean tote.
No one can handle everything, though. -
Everything, all the wardrobes, all the seasons-
They are all good.
Then, satisfaction is in the hunt ---
In any case, where it is usually.
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Take your responsibility, man.
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