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Several of the refreshments listed following next

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As already talked about carrying frozen drinks, for example bottled drinking water or juice is a excellent solution to sustaining the rest of your food products cool while guaranteeing that you at all times will have cool drinks. When it comes to juices a advice is to take fruit juice boxes or mini cans.

Carbonated drinks should not be frozen, but should rather be well refrigerated and carried together with the frozen water in a cooler. Now a days quite a few cars offer the possibility of cooling drinks in their cup holders, but this is typically only suitable for shorter journeys as a single bottle or can will most likely not get you very long.

Well balanced holiday snacks

If feeding yourself well balanced throughout your trip is what you are looking for there are plenty of options. This section is split into refreshments consisting of nuts, fresh fruit, veggies and sandwiches.

Nuts provide you with plenty of long lasting energy, and combined with dried fruits and berries they will construct a both well balanced and delicious snack. You can manufacture small serving size bags which have hand-crafted mixes, perhaps one for each of the passengers. This idea tends to make it very easy to indulge in your snack even while driving without creating any mess, nevertheless do bear in mind that in case you bring salted nuts wet wipes will be very useful. Try out different blends of almonds, walnuts, peanuts coupled with dry raisins, pineapples, pecans, mango, pears and apricots. Combinations of sweet together with salty usually tends to make a perfect mix.

Fresh fruit like apples, oranges, grapes and bananas make up a great snack, however do not forget to put them (except the bananas) in your cooler. Also summer berries are usually great, consider mixing blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. However enjoy them outside the vehicle as berries easily can become a little messy.

Baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and sliced veggies are snack options that typically do not needs a cooler, which makes them suitable to bring if you either want to avoid bringing the cooler or in the event that it is already totally full of the other snacks and refreshments. Depending on your trip destination and route you might be lucky enough to find road side fruit and vegetable stands, if this is the case you should definitely consider a stop to purchase your refreshments as fresh as possible.

To make nutritious sandwiches choose a multi grain or brown bread with the bare minimum amounts of sugar, add low fat ingregients such as turkey, chicken or light cream cheese. You can certainly also either add veggies to your sandwiches or combine them with a fruit salad or some yogurt.

Less healthy holiday foods

If you are not very fond of the above mentioned snacks, or if perhaps you would like to bring something more on top of that the above there exists loads of options. Listed below you will be able find some ideas, and in addition to these you can needless to say find plenty of bars, crisps and candy at your nearest food market.

Bringing a dip such as thousand island, peanut butter, cream cheese or perhaps a homemade combo of honey coupled with cinnamon for your fruits and vegetables is going to make both the kids and your self happy. Peanut butter or peanut butter and jam sandwiches are also highly recommended.

When selecting your bag of crisps all options are in fact not as un-healthy as you might think. Typically baked, along with popped, crisps going to be better for you compared to the conventional fried ones. The same goes for biscuits, should you for instance go for one with lots of fiber based on oat meal or containing nuts as well as unsweetened dried fruit, it will not only be better for you but will on top of that keep you running longer compared to ordinary biscuits. Chocolate bars are great but always be cautious when eating them to avoid stains on your car seats, and don't forget the wet wipes to be sure that you can easily get rid off any stains that in fact you do make.

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