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row over luas drivers\' lunch bags could result in industrial action

by:Osgoodway     2020-02-26
The Luas driver was offered a cool bag to keep their lunch fresh, an effort by the operator Transdevto to avoid a fight over the rest time.
Due to the introduction of the Luas Cross City Line, drivers can no longer rest at Sandyford\'s warehouse where their shift begins.
Instead, the driver has to rest at Broombridge.
There is a canteen facility in the new warehouse.
The problem affected 12 of the 67 drivers in the week, one of the 12 drivers on Saturday and none on Sunday.
The affected drivers were those who said they wanted to continue their lunch at Sandford.
Transdev offers cool lunch packs for all drivers.
However, Siptu, representing the Luas driver, said that the change in the rest arrangement brought additional costs to the driver as they could no longer bring packed lunches to work.
The union wants drivers to be able to have lunch at the Sandford warehouse where their shift starts, as before the cross-city line starts in last December.
The company estimates that the cost of this change will be 250,000 euros per year, as it means hiring five more drivers so that all drivers can rest at Sandford.
Transdev is doing an independent risk as part of the Labor Court\'s proposal
Evaluate the refrigerated bags to determine if they are suitable for keeping the lunch fresh.
John Murphy, the transport division organizer of Siptu, described the offer for the refrigerated bag as \"red herring \".
Mr. Murphy said in a show today with Miriam in téé that this is not about the cooler bag, adding that, transdev should provide drivers with proper dining and rest facilities from the start of Luas Cross City operations.
He said that the facilities on the Green Line are different from those provided by the red line for drivers.
Mr. Murphy said the problem was due to their initial concern that work practices would change once Luas Cross City was put into operation and that drivers on the Green Line would not be able to return to Sandford for lunch, instead, we have to eat at the new warehouse in Brom Bridge.
The dispute could not be resolved at the local level and was submitted to the Court of Appeal on July and a hearing was held on August 14.
At the hearing, Transdev noted that an agreement had been reached to exclude any costs added to the claim.
The union says that if the driver is driving to work, he or she will park the car at their originating station, so their ability to go to a store or other food store is limited by another warehouse at 30-minute break.
Labor said it \"generally does not worry about the function of the cooler bag \".
However, due to the ongoing dispute between Transdev and Siptu, the court recommended a risk assessment of the cooler bag to ensure that \"it was able to safely ship food from one warehouse to another \".
Transdev said it accepted the court\'s proposal.
Mr Murphy said the Siptu would consider the labor court\'s proposal, but the row could lead to strike action.
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