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Product Description for Bags We Made for Business


Here are various products which we work for:

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1. Backpacks

Our first and most developed products are the backpacks which are prepared for kids to be used in schools and other trendy bookbags to be used by adolescents and adults in high school and college. The overall build and stitching quality is so amazing that kids and other students are much likely to fall in love with their new backpacks. Our backpacks are;

• Durable

• Perfectly stitched

• A robust taste of innovation and design

• Trendsetters

Also, we prepare kids school bags, trendy bookbags, back to school backpacks for high school, and other customised backpacks.

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2. Laptop Business Bags

And the next major area in which we deal in is accessory based bags and fashion statements for women and fashionable ladies. Accessory bags have laptop bags, laptop work bag as well as ladies computer bag and woman backpack bags and lightweight laptop bags.

The auspicious feature of these bags is that they are customised for personal use of the individual and to use as a person sees fit. They have got a lot of space and other facilities to accommodate the accessories of your laptop or other devices easily. And to arrange a well-accommodated environment and they are also lightweight to carry.


3. Hiking, Cycling and Sports Dra Bags

For those people who like to travel or to spend some time during strenuous workouts, we have got just the right bags and backpacks to deal with various possible outcomes of space and gadget accommodations for you. Our hiking, cycling and sports bags are rigorously designed to face the harsh and brutal climates and scenarios. They have a thick hide with best stitching work across and beautiful and comfortable grip for the overall ease and safety of the user.

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4. Cooler Bags, Lunch Bags

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The cooler bags are premium aluminum foil lining offers great thermal resistance to keep food fresh and warm/cold. Large enough for whole-family picnic essentials and small enough not to be cumbersome, it is ideal for camping, hiking, BBQs, etc. storage in your trunk, kitchen, or in your suitcase for vacation. With a leak-proof insulated interior, it is ideal for keeping beverages and food cold everywhere you go.

5. Car Trunk Organizer

Car trunk organizer is the best solution to keep your car tidy. It Fits all vehicles (car, SUV, truck, jeep, minivan),great for carrying and organizing groceries, toys, sporting equipment, tools in your trunk, as well as a good storage basket for household items in your home. Multiple Uses - Sporting Equipment- all the activities you and your family are involved in- you can take the organizer out of the vehicle right to the field - Groceries- a great way to arrange your reusable bags shopping bags- bring it right into the grocery store - Auto Supplies- keep that extra motor oil, first aid kit, and cleaning supplies in one place - Take the trunk organizer to the park, the beach, the sports field, or any place you need to be organized.



Osgoodway situated in China’s leading bag production base in Quanzhou.

We are a family-run business bag manufacturer with over 13 years experience providing OEM/ODM service.

Specialized in a wide range of bags, mainly backpacks, duffels, cooler bag, school bags, diaper bags , laptop bags, trunk organizer and dry bags.

We have acquired our own import & export license since its establishment,

with BSCI international certification and ISO9000 quality management system certification.

Quanzhou Osgoodway Co., Ltd.


ADD:  No. 6, North Fengsheng Road, Beifeng Street, Fengze District, Quanzhou, Fujian, China

Grace Fu (General Manager)


E-mail:  grace@osgoodwaybag.com

Zoey Lee (Sales Manager)


E-mail:  zoey@osgoodwaybag.com

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