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Popular online suppliers attach great importance

by:Osgoodway     2020-07-17

In the fast-pacing society, people want easy, fast and friendly experience during a shopping time. 'Shopping is an enjoyable experience. It should never become difficult or even torturing.' says Thomas Leung, webmaster of That Bag Shop, 'My website building team always endeavors to design a most user-friendly website for our leather handbags customers. We just finished redesigning ThatBagShop.com last week. And we are now waiting for feedbacks from our royal customers who have been very consistent and supportive to us.'

ThatBagShop.com has below changes for the website redesign.

a. The home page is redesigned for clearer shopping guide. The home page is now minimized to 1.5 screens, which is clean and clear. Only important functional buttons are shown for use. And the webmaster canceled the previous motionless way of displaying leather handbags; instead he uses the merry-go-around way displaying around 10 most attractive handbags under the big notice board.

b. The product categories are redesigned. There are four main categories of leather handbags, which are 'All handbags', 'Style', 'Color' and 'Price'. Each main category has sub-categories. This is very clear for customers with different buying habits and emphasis.

c. The shopping procedures are simplified. In addition to displaying a detailed 'Order Procedure' guide, the That Bag Shop webmaster simplified the procedures and it now only takes half of the time to fulfill an order, compared with previous designs.

If a leather handbags supplier has really good quality products, with very competitive prices, but with really bad web designs and difficult to place order, 50% consumers will sacrifice time and energy to buy from him. But what about the other 50% leather handbag buyers? That Bag Shop is a most brave online leather handbags supplier, who dares to challenge herself all the time, in order to provide best experience for customers, just like what she's done on the website redesign.

About ThatBagShop.com:

TBS Leather Handbags Factory is a world's leading and China TOP 10 factory-based leather handbags wholesaler. From the moment it launched its online store www.thatbagshop.com, this web-factory aims to manufacture fashion forward leather handbags and accessories at most competitive EXW price.

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