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plastic fantastic! carrier bags \'not eco-villains after all\'

by:Osgoodway     2021-01-20
Unpublished government research suggests that plastic carriers may not be an eco-villain after all, but they are an unsung hero.
One-time plastic bags are hated by environmental activists and avoided by shoppers, which is a shame --
Corner of retail history.
However, a draft report obtained by the environmental agency on Sunday found that ordinary high density polyethylene (HDPE)
The bags used in the store are actually more eco-friendly than the so-called low impact options.
High density polyethylene bags for each use are almost 200 times more damaging to the climate than cotton bags --
Favored by environmental activists, carbon dioxide emissions are less than 1 out of 3 paper bags issued by retailers such as Primark.
The survey results show that in order to balance the small impact of each light plastic bag, consumers must use the same cotton bag every working day for a year, or at least three paper bags, instead of sticking them in a bin or recycling them.
According to this new report, most paper bags are used only once, and one study assumes that cotton bags were used only 51 times before they were discarded, making them worse than single paper bags
Use plastic bags.
However, although the study was commissioned in 2005 and is scheduled to be published in 2007, it has not yet been published to the public.
The environmental agency officially said that the report of Dr. Chris Edwards and Dr. Jonna Meyhoff Fry, the life cycle assessment of supermarket shopping bags, is still under peer review.
However, it was submitted to the peer review process \"more than a year ago.
Despite a long peer review, UNEP has no publication date other than saying it will be published soon.
The report aims to find out which of the seven bags has the lowest environmental impact by assessing pollution caused by raw material extraction, production, transportation and disposal.
It found that the baseline global warming potential of a high density polyethylene plastic bag was 1.
57 kg Co2 equivalent, down to 1. 4 kg Co2e if recalculated
Used once, the same as the paper bag used four times (1. 38 kg Co2e).
A cotton bag must be repackaged.
A similar level was issued 171 times, 1. 57 kg Co2e.
The researchers concluded: \"Of the 10 impact categories, 9 use options have the lowest impact on the environment.
Because it is the lightest disposable bag to consider, the bag performs well. ”The 96-
Page\'s report comes as controversy over plastic bags continues and Wales plans to levy a 5 p plastic bag tax in October.
The UK uses 6 billion plastic bags a year, and there is no doubt that they cause environmental problems such as garbage and marine pollution and run out of oil, limiting their use and re-use
Using them can reduce damage.
However, the new report suggests that if shoppers turn to alternative products, they must use them again and again to become more eco-friendly.
Barry Turner, chief executive of the packaging and Film Association, which represents plastic bag manufacturers, said the report was \"suppressed. ” “They [
\"I kept quite quiet all the time and tried to suppress something,\" he said . \". “This [report]
Has been dragged and dragged.
This is a report that could have been completed relatively quickly, probably within 12 months, but has been going on for years.
\"I wouldn\'t be surprised if these were conclusions.
It was buried because it did not give the correct answer.
It does not currently support political efforts.
He added: \"People at the CEO levelin retailers]
Keep telling Wrap [the publicly-
Action Programme on Waste and Resources]and Defra [
Ministry of Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs]
They have not grasped this at all.
They are very closed about this and I never understood why their approach is so rigid.
The environmental agency denied that the report had been suppressed. “No.
The first draft was submitted to the review team a year ago, but they were not involved in the review on a regular basis, \"he said.
\"After the comments reviewed for the first time, we revised the report and then the revised report was resubmitted to them last summer, however, because it was a group because they had other commitments, it took them some time to finish.
We expect this to be completed soon.
When asked whether the draft findings were seriously questioned, he said that the commenters \"questioned some aspects of the original draft, although many were about emphasis and balance.
This report reminds me of another life --
The UNEP Cycle Assessment of disposable diapers shows that reusable \"eco\" diapers are often more damaging to the environment than disposable diapers (such as Pampers) because washing uses so much
Power transmission.
After the report was published, the government abandoned the recommendation of parents to use eco-diapers.
The Women\'s Environmental Network also abandoned its campaign.
Which bag should you use?
All packages have an impact.
The best solution is to use the cotton bag hundreds of times and may last for several years.
If you don\'t do this, repack in plastic bags
Used as a bin liner-better than paper, the next best option.
However, do not accept plastic bags unless you need them.
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