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plastic bags offered as collectors\' items on ebay priced at £1,000 for five as sellers mock panic over 5p charge

by:Osgoodway     2021-01-19
People are trying to cash out new 5 p shipping bag charges by selling their old bags on eBay
There is a huge mark.
You can buy five \"random plastic bags\" for £ 1,000 or spend 99 p for a Tesco shopping bag if your budget is small
These posts appear to be a response to the recent launch of charges by stores across England earlier this month.
Video sellers scroll down and charge £ 1,000 for five packs by \"buy now price\", although they are also willing to accept the offer.
The seller wrote: \"Shopping is not included and there may be traces of nuts and strange receipts-you may get a bag in your bag if you are lucky-it\'s like bagception.
\"The other owner chose the other end of the spectrum to try to reduce the 5 p charge and advertise for 1 p.
The poster wrote in the description: \"Tesco travel bag RRP 5 p.
White, attractive design.
Two handles are in good condition.
A careful former master
Used once, but as good as the new one.
Because it was screwed in a ball, but in perfect working condition, there were some creases.
However, it doesn\'t seem like a good deal when you consider the delivery fee of 99 p.
They wrote that a poster offered an Asda bag for 99 p: \"Grab a history --
From the good times of the past, you don\'t have to buy a 5 p thick plastic bag or have to have your kids take shopping with you.
The handle is still intact.
An ambitious poster costs £ 12.
There are 99 handbags in 20.
The ads say they come from different stores and some are no longer available.
But the seller wrote that they could be a bit crumpled from the cons.
Another ad advertised a variety of plastic bags for 99 p, which they mysteriously said would go from one to ten bags.
But unfortunately, the mailing and packing is 2. 80.
Another eBay seller posted an interesting advertisement for their Tesco tote bag for 99 p.
They wrote: \"Yes, a free one a few weeks ago. Only used once!
Don\'t feel cheated because you have to buy one.
\"Just take out your own tote bag and you can proudly show it to the cashier before shopping. Grab a bargain.
\"No bids have been made for these projects so far.
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