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OSGOODWAY One Of The Leading Backpacks Manufacturer In China


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OSGOODWAY is an over 13years backpack manufacturer and supplier in China, they have proved their mettle by supplying the most robust and compatible bags to other business partners and bulk buyers on international level.


We at OSGOODWAY manufacture all kind of bags and create the most stunning and workable experience with other buyers and wholesale partners worldwide. We are deals with all kinds of bags variety whether you are in search of a new product for your business or need other rolling products in the market. We manufacture and supply all; whether they are BACKPACKS, LAPTOP BAGS, DUFFEL BAGS, SCHOOL BAGS, COOLER BAGS, DIAPER BAG OR TRUNK ORGANIZER . You name it, and we will get your order done of course with a professional touch of innovation and quality. 


Our Work Ethics

Every organisation survives even the darkest times in the market by building trust among its business community and no matter what; keeping its very promises towards quality and renovation in those sectors which require that from time to time. This is the only way any company or organization is likely to survive and get from evolution towards the revolution. Here are our few work ethics which we like to dwell on and to provide best of the services to our bulk buyers and other business investors;

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OSGOODWAY have been the choice of various business destinations around the globe, and we have had many happy faces and thrilling reviews regarding our services and products.Which is the ultimate fruit of hard work and passion for quality. That is why we are recognised as ultimate wholesale providers of backpacks and likewise goods.

If you want to place an order or view our breath-taking designs which we have to offer, feel free to visit our website. As well as find our global partners, their reviews regarding our products and services and our online customer care support 24/7.

Here is a direct link to our website, feel free to explore our products and services;



Osgoodway situated in China’s leading bag production base in Quanzhou.

We are a family-run business bag manufacturer with over 13 years experience providing OEM/ODM service.

Specialized in a wide range of bags, mainly backpacks, duffels, cooler bag, school bags, diaper bags , laptop bags, trunk organizer and dry bags.

We have acquired our own import & export license since its establishment,

with BSCI international certification and ISO9000 quality management system certification.

Quanzhou Osgoodway Co., Ltd.


ADD:  No. 6, North Fengsheng Road, Beifeng Street, Fengze District, Quanzhou, Fujian, China

Grace Fu (General Manager)


E-mail:  grace@osgoodwaybag.com

Zoey Lee (Sales Manager)


E-mail:  zoey@osgoodwaybag.com

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