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by:Osgoodway     2020-07-19

'Our thanks firstly go to our customers who are the impetus of our leather handbags business.' said David Wang, Marketing and Sales Manager of That Bag Shop leather handbags factory, 'We thank our customers for their consisting royalty and support to our leather handbags products and service.'

That Bag Shop's 2011 Thanksgiving Day on sale campaign will last one week, from Monday, November 21 to Sunday, November 27, 2011. All fashion and high quality leather handbags are on sale with 10% off. This 10% shows That Bag Shop's sincerity and thanks to their customers, since TBS does not offer as much as 10% discounts for any other on sale campaigns, except from Christmas shopping season.

'Our thanks secondly go to our employees, who are the fundamental elements in our business.' Continued David, 'Every employee will be offered with a fashion leather handbag for FREE and another 10% discounts for shopping.'

For an export-oriented leather handbags business owner, it is normal that That Bag Shop values and celebrate Thanksgiving Day in a business way, since its customers are from countries where people celebrate Thanksgiving Day. But it is beyond our surprise that this leather handbags company celebrates it and offers the Thanksgiving benefits to its own employees. Maybe this is one of the reasons why That Bag Shop will be so much honored by customers.

Happy Thanksgiving to every one and enjoy the happy shopping with exciting discounts from various local and online shops, such as thatbagshop .

About That Bag Shop Leather Handbags Factory:

thatbagshop is an online factory showroom of China TOP 10 leather handbags supplier, producing highest quality and fashion genuine Italian leather handbags and purses, at cheapest manufacturing price, with super fast delivery service and full-scale rapid response customer service.

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