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One of the world bestselling sunglasses brands is Ray Ban

by:Osgoodway     2020-08-08

From the famous Hollywood movie, Top Gun, Ray Ban sunglasses become world-known. In this movie, Tom Cruise created the ever lasting effect and made Ray Ban sunglasses become popular among almost all the people, no matter celebrities or common people. In almost 30 years till now, even you just pick up a magazine; you can find a celebrity wearing a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, especially RB3025.

Who is wearing RB3025? How they match this style of Ray Ban sunglasses? Now let's make a list and have a good observation. Since there are too much people know Tom Cruise so that we can skip to others.

As a famous American dancer and movie star, Derek Hough also has unique and top class personal fashion tastes. He also has special preference of Ray Ban 3025 and we can see from this photo, he uses RB3025 made his unique and attractive fashion image perfectly. Wearing a sleeveless garment and with a backpack, he looks young and energetic. Here a pair of black RB 3025 adds some man feelings to him and makes him looks more virile and sexually active.

Different from Derek Hough, Jared Leto uses his RB3025 to match his men's shirt perfectly. Red chequer'd shirt and metal necklace make Jared Leto looks causal and arbitrary, but a pair of RB 3025 matched them perfectly. Wearing his fashion sunglasses in this way, Leto looks manly and sexy.

Of course Ray Ban 3025 is not just for men. Ladies can also wear this style to show their special attractiveness. Lindsey Lohan set a perfect example too. This is only a half-length photo of her; however, we can still see how she matches her sunglasses. Black coat and black sunglasses suit each other perfectly and even her hairstyle suit this matching well too, making she looks fashionable, sexy and attractive.

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