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One of the most successful factory-based handbag suppliers

by:Osgoodway     2020-07-18

David Wang, CEO and Marketing Manager of factory-based online shop http://www.thatbagshop.com, told Sylvia Xsu, the interviewer of Industry Insight Magazine, that bringing more value to customer, by offering more innovative styles, designs and color, and lower and lower price, is the secret why That Bag Shop is doing so better than the competitors in the industry.

When asked what the company is doing to cut the cost of products and expense, to keep the competiveness in offering unbeatable price, which has always been well known as a feature by the industry for That Bag Shop, David Wang said that the main solution is to get lower price in leather material purchasing, by increase the order quantity to all the Italian leather suppliers in Italy, 'A while ago, our biggest leather supplier flew from Italy and visited us, and we agreed the lower price in purchasing and quicker lead time, all these will make sure offer lower price and shorten our production time so customers will get goods quicker.' That Bag Shop is not afraid that they can not use up all the leather material, since old customers keep buying, and more and more new customers are inquiring on their products, due to their former supplier fail to help them in either price or offer various styles (colors) . It is not just words from David, but that customer can see and buy a genuine leather handbag at a price as low as $19, which is what other leather handbags companies can NOT do and separates That Bag Shop from them.

Reports might not be as invincible as it is words told by the supplier itself and organized by interviewer. But statistics and facts don't lie. That Bag Shop proves itself by selling more than 40,000 pcs of fashion genuine Italian leather handbags every month. A small trial order from you can bring everything you need from the trustworthy supplier http://www.thatbagshop.com.

About That Bag Shop Leather Handbags Company:

Established in 2000, That Bag Shop is a professional manufacturer dedicated to provide high quality genuine Italian leather handbags and purses. http://www.thatbagshop.com is its on line factory outlet which provides wholesale & retail shipments to worldwide customers. All handbags and purses are made by top class genuine Italian leather guaranteed.

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