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On the Christmas of 2010, the British 'Guardian'

by:Osgoodway     2020-08-07

There is nothing more than such a schoolbag which had English taste.' Julie never consider moving her production place to a lower one. 'Without any off-line jumper, scratches, flawless.' A blogger named Cate claimed on the size 15 purple Cambridge satchel and even she said for the parcel, 'I really like the old-fashioned white string wrapped up by the Department of the old-fashioned luggage tag, and I really feel I get some own the little Victorian.'

In fact, in addition to online shopping, if you have the opportunity I suggest you to stroll around the United Kingdom, to the well-known institutions of higher education schools like Eton College, you can get more surprises every minute! You can find your love cambridge satchel in a shop near Eton College and other British style goods there, where you also may pleasantly surprised to have a close touch with the green and purple Cambridge package! Inside the lovely play inclusive, there are like an elegant British section.

Messenger with a yellow cambridge satchel shoulder bags, and briskly turn alleys of the small towns with your own bicycle. You even can hear the wind whirring near the ears. Everyone probably is dreaming of the campus school life. Now, even you missed the chance to go to a campus to study, you can spend and several dollars to buy a cambridge leather satchel backpack. This year, the Cambridge package has to been the spotlight accessory ads a single product.

However, unexpected, many blogs have found this school bag and started to pursuit hotly, such as models from Sweden and even the fashion blogger carolina Engman who ranked third in the world has carried her green Cambridge package on many occasions in the street photographer's lens. IT Girl, the quite fashionable one appeal to quickly bring the attention to the bags, and the fashion magazine Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle and other media have all focused on it in the fashion industry. Now, fashion has become the main market of the Cambridge package.

I have to say the website cambridge-satchel.org is a good choice for those people who want or have the idea to buy a genuine Cambridge package. Though it is not an official website, but the cheap price and good quality is attractive to us, even though you can add your name or some words on the bag. I have tried this new way, and like it very much because my bag is so special. The first design coming from the Cambridge Satchel Company is a college style backpack which is cortex and heavy. The price of this kind of bags keeps a close connection with the style. Generally the packet is bigger and then the price is more expensive. It is absolutely genuine, and quality assurance when you purchase the bags from the website I introduce.

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