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on backpacking tents

by:Osgoodway     2020-02-11
If you are looking for a perfect backpack tent, you will use it on your next outdoor adventure, follow these steps so that you can purchase the backpack tent with confidence and grace. Step One.
When do you plan to hike or camp?
People rarely go camping in winter, so the three seasons tent is more ideal than the Four Seasons tent.
But if you still want to camp in winter buy a double tent for your guests as the double tent is more comfortable than a one person tent as the latter can be very crowded. Step Two.
Are you sleeping alone?
How much space do you need?
Is the most common auxiliary to the previous problem.
Single backpackers often bring a single tent, which can give them the best ultra-light advantage.
If you are not sure what type or brand to buy, you can always go to the nearest home improvement store and look for tents that have been installed and displayed in the mall.
Lay on the floor, sit up and test the width and length of the tent;
And tossing and turning.
The best tent is always the one where you can sit upright without touching your head to the tent at the top of the tent.
For the two tents, consider the location of the door before you proceed with your purchase. Step Three.
How much weight can you bear?
Many people set their goals below 3 lbs.
Single and double tents can accommodate up to 4 pounds people.
The challenge here is how to get the most floor space with the least weight.
The total weight includes rain, canopy, pile, Rod, material bag and human line.
Get the aluminum bar at a lighter weight, not the usuals. Step Four.
What specifications do I need to consider?
Independent tents are ideal as they do not need to be fixed before they are installed and moved.
The double tent is ideal for couples, but can also work perfectly with solo backpackers to keep their valuables intact.
Is color important to you?
The bright colored tent can not only add light to the interior, but also make you visible in case of emergency.
Also make sure your tent has slipped to the pole.
These clips are very easy to install and it increases the air flow between the tent and the rain.
On the other hand, these guarantees a smaller condensate that can inhibit you or your sleeping bag.
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