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new slurrykat trailing shoe injector on the market from €14k

by:Osgoodway     2021-01-19
The new year may be just a few weeks away, but SlurryKat, a mud machinery specialist in Northern Ireland, has launched two new and innovative devices for the upcoming season.
The new syringe unit was developed on the back of the very successful slippers launched by the company in 2008 and has so far sold more than 2,300 units worldwide.
The new syringe showcases all the award-winning innovations and experiences SlurryKat sees in all products.
SlurryKat says the latest design is brand new in every way.
The main innovation, unique for the new jet unit, is the only unit on the market that can carry a hose curling device containing up to 1,000 m 6 inch caliber hose on the \"piggy back.
Until now, only such a hose hoist can be carried on the club system.
This is possible only if a brand new 1,000 m Bak Pak hose curler is introduced further.
The current Bak Pak has been SlurryKat\'s flagship cord hose reeling wire system since its launch in 2008 and has sold more than 4,500 units worldwide so far.
Now, for the first time it is possible to work the new slippers shoes together with the Bak Pak as a complete unit.
The possibility of this new slippers hose reel system is unparalleled, which proves ergonomics and flexibility, and is \"necessary\" in today\'s umbilical pulp diffusion market \".
The new slippers provide a fully galvanized structure, new shoe and slurry conveying design, providing new precision and cleanliness for previously unseen grass.
The unit has flip shoes, which means that the arm of the tractor or tanker does not need to be lifted when turning head or crossing the cord pipe.
Before reconnecting with the Bak Pak, or when the tanker leaves the scene after being emptied by the hydraulic control on the tractor seat, the shoes fold automatically.
Garth Cairns, CEO of SlurryKat, said: \"We have been working on these new products for a while, bringing fresh and exciting things to the market of slurry equipment.
\"We are very satisfied with the performance and feedback of the new tugs and Bak Pak.
\"We want them to be more successful than the last generation of shoes and Bak Pak, which has been absolutely amazing for us in the last 10 years, surpassing global sales forecasts.
He said they will launch more new products later this year.
The syringe unit can be easily installed on any tanker and then removed and used with the Bak Pak hose curling machine on the SlurryKat umbilical cord system.
Work width currently starts at 7.
5 m and 10 m and plans to increase the range of units by 12 m in 2018.
The new syringe will be available on January 2018 and the company has noticed
Production Order of the system. The 7.
The price of the 5-meter trailer shoes is 13,995 euros and the 9-meter version is 15,995 euros.
Under tams ii, the low-emission mud diffusion equipment measures about 2 euros.
Grant assistance of $8 m was provided to 257 farmers.
The most popular items are the slurry tank, the accessories for trailing shoes with the powder crusher, the accessories for the lifting clubs, the modified running clubs and the ones with the bottom pumps, hose reels and accessories
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