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mum who hid her stoma bag for an entire year speaks out in hopes of regaining her confidence

by:Osgoodway     2020-02-21
A mother was very dissatisfied with the consistent mouth formed for her after a long struggle with cervical cancer. She bravely posed in the photo and only wore underwear, come to this world for the first time in an inspiring way
Natalie Wicks will cry and sleep on her bag for a long time and she shares photos of her urinary pocket (
Bags that collect urine directly from the bladder)
After hiding from friends for a year, social media only wore her underwear. The 27-year-
After struggling with cervical cancer, the old mother received a uterine resection at the age of 24, while receiving chemotherapy and internal radiotherapy.
Just one year later, the side effects of internal radiation therapy burned a hole in her bladder, leading to more major surgery.
Natalie, from Pontypridd, South Wales, said: \"Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are effective, they stopped treatment in March 2013, but I am still bleeding and sore.
\"Before I was treated for cancer, the doctor had done surgery and lifting on my ovaries to try to save them, but now the radiotherapy has done too much damage.
I don\'t know how I did a mastectomy.
My grandfather used to be, and still is, my stone.
I already have two children and I am lucky and grateful.
Natali said that while she was lucky to have children already, a hysterectomy did not solve her problem because she began to have blood clots soon before she entered the mainland.
Natalie did more tests when the doctor found out that she had to treat the radiation of cancer to burn through her bladder as a side effect.
Natalie was admitted to a London hospital in 2014 and underwent a Mitrofanoff procedure-a surgical procedure in which the appendix was used to establish a pipeline between the skin surface and the bladder-but failed.
Natalie recalled: \"I am alone in London.
It\'s really scary and depressing.
The operation was not successful.
I was infected all the time and it made me have to go back to the hospital.
This made me very sick.
As a result, I can\'t eat any more.
I\'m depressed.
I was 12/14 before I got sick and I dropped to 6.
\"After such a big operation, I thought everything would be fine.
I thought I would be \"normal \".
After two years of unhealthy surgery, she changed from a confident 12/14-yard weight of 12 yards to a 5-yard weight of 10 pounds yards, and Natalie was finally told to solve the problem, she will create a urological technique for her.
Natalie was sent to the hospital again in June 2016, leaving her now 7-year-old son Mason and 9-year-old daughter Bailey with a knife-down treatment-and this time everything was fine.
When Natalie recovered from her surgery, she claimed that it had been difficult for her bag for the past year.
After the operation, Natalie was silent about what happened-only a few people were told.
She even spent months showing it to the children.
Natalie said: \"When I want a bag for the rest of my life, I think I will be ugly.
I don\'t want it, I don\'t think people will see it in the past.
My friend has never seen my bag.
It took me a long time to accept it.
\"I feel ugly and disgusting.
I used to cry to sleep and think \"I won\'t find my Prince Charming\" because no one would want to be with me because of this.
But a year after the surgery, on June 2017, Natalie decided she had enough time to hide-she wanted to release the secrets she felt she had hidden.
Natalie shared her photos on social media, posing in her underwear.
Natalie said: \"When I was doing pictures and posts, I felt like I was just trying to lift everything up from my shoulder.
I want to be confident in summer.
\"I \'ve been thinking about taking pictures for months, but there have been times when I quit and canceled my appointment with the photographer.
I just couldn\'t do it.
Finally, Natalie got some help from her friend Laura Evans, who ended up taking pictures of her.
After posting online, Natalie did not read reviews out of fear-however, after being forced to read reviews by loved ones, she ended up feeling very emotional and overwhelmed as they were all very positive.
\"It really helped me build confidence slowly and people have accepted that and think I look good,\" Natalie explained . \".
\"I\'m starting to have some different ideas now.
Because it saved my life, I don\'t think my mouth and bag are ugly.
She continued: \"I couldn\'t really look at the pictures at first, but the number of comments I received helped.
I know everyone knows now.
\"I have not reached the stage where I am completely satisfied with myself.
I used to be full and curvy.
I miss that number sometimes.
\"But I see other people sharing their photos on social media like I do, which shows you that there are a lot of people who have stomas and they are still beautiful people.
Although Natalie was scared before, she had decided to bring her new --
Found confidence in the dating world, hoping to find her \"Sir\"Right’.
She has signed up for several dating sites and talked to people-but she has not told them about her urology.
The best sports bikes can help you become healthy with home eczema, which makes women unable to wear underwear after getting out of the steroid crisis
She\'s not going to keep a secret for a long time this summer --
Semester, however, because she wants to get inspiration from her brave posts in order to remind herself in future dating site conversations that it is OK to be honest with people.
Natalie said: \"It\'s hard and people ask normal questions like what I do for a living and my illness even takes something like this from me.
\"I think I really care what people think of me.
But after posting this, I thought I might tell people right away.
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