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Moving with pets can be stressful for both human and animal

by:Osgoodway     2020-08-01

Talking about the do's while moving with pets. To begin with, it is important to plan ahead. Like the other aspects of your move, it makes it easier having a chalked out plan in place for the pets. Or else, expect chaos at your own peril! Do not forget that cleaning supplies must be kept handy. Go easy on your pet if you sense litter in your car on the move - emotions tend to be fickle during the transitions. Keep the pets out of the way of the movers and packers during the hustle bustle of packing and loading.

A neighbor's place or a kennel can serve the purpose. However, do not forget about the pet altogether; give him water often and an occasional break to catch some fresh air. Allow your pet enough time to get accustomed in your new home and block out the chance of your pet getting lost or alienated in the new surroundings. Implement the same old routine in your new home for your pet and make him feel at home.

What not to do during your move concerning your pet? In case you are traveling by air. Contact the airline weeks in advance to get information as regards their policies with regard to pets' travel so as to make an educated choice at the end. A visit to the vet is most likely pay rich dividends before you set out on your move. Consult the vet about pet sedatives and other ways to avoid making the move a gut-wrenching experience. It is an absolute no-no, in case you are wondering about carrying the fish tank in the moving truck. Bagging the fish in plastic bags half filled with water from the tank and then securing it by tying the bag with bands is the way to go. Pack the fish bags in a Styrofoam cooler and load it into the transport vehicle. Make use of individual kennels if you have several animals.

All the effort required is especially justified in cities like Delhi, Noida etc where the packers and movers understand that pets are important to many families there.

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