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mother starved her three-month-old baby girl to death - and then wrapped the body up and left it to rot inside a cooler bag in a shed

by:Osgoodway     2020-02-29
A mother who was hungry for three childrenmonth-
Then, the old daughter allowed the body to rot in a cold bag in the shed, and she pleaded guilty to manslaughter
In her murder trial
38-year-old Tamara Louis Thompson, who was tried in the Supreme Court of Western Australia, was accused of failing to provide proper nutrition for the fate of the baby, and on last July, his body of \"extensive decomposition\" was found, wearing diapers, wrapped in thin cloth in a cold bag.
On Wednesday, when Thompson pleaded guilty to a lighter charge of manslaughter, the trial was abandoned.
Last week, prosecutor Carmel babagaro outlined the state\'s case, with some members of the jury crying and Thompson crying throughout the proceedings.
MS Baba Garo said that fate is not planned or wanted.
\"Fate is not a baby who is coming to this world, but a warm, warm, loving embrace of her mother.
Thompson was pregnant with her meth dealer and fate was six weeks premature in Perth, but was in good health and moved to Geraldton with her mother who had five more children, two of whom lived with her
Baba Garo MS said that fate was last seen in the middle by others except her motherMay 2015.
When her body was found, it was rotten enough to determine the cause of death.
Barbagallo said Thompson lied about fate in her post-death position, telling some people she was with friends, others said she was under the care of the Department of Child Protection. MS.
When the landlord came to the house she rented, Perth reported that there was animal feces and vomit on the bed, and there was no washing machine or refrigerator, which was disclosed.
Thompson said the death of fate was a tragedy that turned her life into a sorrow
Disaster of disaster
One night, her defense lawyer said, Thompson found fate dead in her bed, \"lost his way \". Jade, her nine-year-
The old daughter told the court that sometimes her job is to feed her fate.
Thompson will face a sentencing hearing on Friday.
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