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morrisons to sell paper bags for 20p as it hikes plastic bag prices

by:Osgoodway     2021-01-20
After an earlier trial, MORRISONS promoted its 20 p paper bags to all 500 stores across the country.
It also raised the price of plastic \"lifetime bags\" from 15 p to 20 p.
The supermarket hopes to save about 1,300 tons of plastic a year.
In January, it began testing paper bags with handles in eight stores, when it also raised the price of plastic bags from 10 p to 15 p.
Next week, the Welsh store will launch paper bags, followed by British and Scottish stores in May. The Welsh-
Morrisons says the carbon footprint of making paper bags is similar to that of standard plastic bags.
It added that the paper was made from sustainably managed forests, with bags strong enough to carry groceries weighing 16 kg.
Morrisons canceled the 5 p shipping company last year, which the supermarket claims led to a 25 drop in overall bag sales last year.
The 5 p tax was launched in the UK in October 2015, and all large retailers are required to charge fees.
Figures from the Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs show 1.
Seven of Britain\'s largest supermarkets sold 4 billion bags in 2017/18 years.
This is compared to 7.
6 billion issued in 2014-
Equivalent to 140 bags per person.
Since the launch of the plan, the use of plastic bags has dropped by 86.
Andy Atkinson, director of customer and marketing at Morrisons group, said: \"We are taking another meaningful step that will remove about 1,300 tons of plastic from the environment every year.
\"Our customers tell us that reducing plastic is their most concerned environmental issue, so the introduction of paper bags nationwide will provide another way to reduce plastic in their lives.
Last summer, Iceland returned
To reduce plastic waste, 10 p paper bags were introduced.
In February, Aldi scrapped 5 p plastic bags, but introduced reusable plastic bags for 9 p.
Despite concerns about environmental protection, plastic bag charges will double to 10 p per bag
Tax will backfire and cause waste.
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