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morrisons is testing 20p paper bags and hiking ‘bag for life’ to 15p

by:Osgoodway     2021-01-20
MORRISONS raised the price of its \"lifetime package\" from 10 p to 15 p and introduced a paper version of 20 p as part of the trial.
The store said two-
The monthly pilot of the eight stores is in response to customers\' concerns about reducing the environment of plastics.
Morrisons canceled the 5 p operator last year, which the supermarket claims led to a 25 drop in overall bag sales in the new US last year
Style paper bags have handles that can hold quantities similar to standard plastic carriers.
The stores expected to attend the trial are Camden, Skipton, Wood Green, Hunslet, Yeadon, Erskine, Gibraltar and Abergavenny.
But some critics say there are environmental problems with paper bags.
A spokesman for witrose told the BBC that it would not roll out paper bags because \"it takes three times as much energy to make paper bags as it does to make plastic bags \".
The 5 p tax was launched in the UK in October 2015, and all large retailers are required to charge fees.
Figures from the Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs show 1.
Seven of Britain\'s largest supermarkets sold 4 billion bags in 2017/18 years.
This is compared to 7.
6 billion issued in 2014-
Equivalent to 140 bags per person.
Since the launch of the plan, the use of plastic bags has dropped by 86.
Before that, we disclosed that the plastic bag tax can create more garbage, because supermarkets distribute billions of bags of domestic garbage every year.
This month, Morrison confused shoppers with its new Unicorn Bernard Matthews turkey film.
It also sells the aScotch egg pie for 3 and sounds delicious.
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