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Many people have seen a movie stared by Meryl

by:Osgoodway     2020-07-17

Prada has been paid much more attention by the rich. In China, there are more and more rich people's demand for luxury goods such as that design is also increasing. Its handbags and perfume is becoming popular, this is mainly because the wealthy are looking for ways to show their status and identity. At the same time luxury goods consumption can satisfy the needs of the rich's consumption desire. As you canimagine, when giving your wife or girlfriend a high-grade brand design handbag, You can fully prove that you are a true man who have the economic ability to bear family According to the industry insiders' predict, Prada's consumers generally is up to three percent of the whole country. But what is certain is that in the next eight years luxury goods will has the largest market.

Prada is one of the most famous luxury brands in Italian. Every year on the Milan fashion show it is the most anticipated brand. Prada is popular all over the world, especially in Japan, Taiwan land .All of the people on the streets are wearing this brand nylon bag. Prada originated in 1913 and is started with high-class leather goods. It attaches great importance to the products' quality; all the fashion accessories are made in the highest level of factory in Italy. This is why people feel comfortable when they wear Prada's products.

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