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lunch boxes recalled for potentially poisonous gel packs

by:Osgoodway     2020-02-29
NEW YORK (MainStreet)—
After California Innovation found that frozen gel packaging could be toxic, it recalled about 248,000 inflatable lunch boxes. S.
The Consumer Product Safety Committee said Monday.
The gel in the package contains diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol, which may leak if the package is damaged, and may cause harm if ingested by children or adults.
The recall came after the company received reports that the two dogs had chewed the gel pack, causing a dog to die from taking the gel.
From May 2007 to September 2008, these lunch boxes were sold at Costco Wholesale Club, Lyon Kohl for about $10.
They sell it in three words.
An insulated lunch box set that includes lunch boxes, aluminum bottles and frozen gel packs. The code \"1-61731-99-
57 \"can be found on one of the two white labels sewn under white fasteners in the main compartment.
Anyone who buys lunch boxes is advised to immediately stop using gel packs and contact the local waste disposal agency to find out how to dispose of them as the regulations vary from state to state.
Consumers can return the lunch box to Costco for a full refund or they can only receive a $5 cash refund for the gel pack if they contact California innovation.
For questions, please call the California Innovation Center (800)722-
Between 9 a 2545. m. and 5 p. m.
EST send email to ci Monday to Fridayrecall@ca-innovations. com.
For more information, consumers can also visit the company\'s website. —
Jeanine Skowronski is a staff reporter for MainStreet.
You can reach her by email at Skowronski.
Jenny\'s street.
Or follow her on @ JeanineSko\'s Twitter.
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