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Lunch bags or lunch boxes of yesteryear have been

by:Osgoodway     2020-07-24

In fact, as more people become health conscious and eco-friendly, lunch boxes are now environmental friendly and also quite economical. You can carry one for work and also for other activities such as hiking. Did you know that a 'brown bag' lunch makes roughly 100 pounds of refuse in a single year? Because of this alarming factor, the smart thing to do is switch to an easier, reusable, and sustainable way out. And the answer lies in eco-friendly lunch boxes.

One unique bag idea that's available in the market is the anti-theft lunch box. These fantastic bags are designed with 'mold' or fungus designs so that people would stay away from your packed meal, thinking that your precious sandwich is spoiled. What a splendid idea indeed.

In modern times, lunch boxes are now washable, reusable, lead-free, trendy and great for every day use. They're made from a vast array of materials, from jut to cotton and other recyclable materials. Manufacturers have also become more inventive, producing lunch bags which are not just environment-friendly and inexpensive, but stylish ones which would bring about much envy from schoolmates and co-workers alike.

A great promotional gift idea is to procure customized lunch bags for clients. These lunch box can make for wonderful advertising. Clients and prospects would be thrilled to receive such thoughtful gifts, and because they are useful and practical, may even use them as totes. Decorate and customize promotional lunch box with eye-catching colors and your Company's motto and contact details, and distribute these gifts at conventions, seminars, and trade shows. They would surely blow the conventional 'pen idea' right out of the water! Be sure to have them made out of recyclable materials to show clients that you do care about Mother Earth. Bags as promotional products are an inexpensive way to show how much you care and cherish your clients' business.

With people with more discerning taste, they might want to consider designer lunch boxes. Famous chef Mario Batali for example, has in collaboration with Cosmoda, put out a range of insulated lunch bags which are elegant and practical.

These designer bags, which come in many colors and sizes, are the ultimate in lunch accessories. In fact, several versions can also be modified into a regular, every day tote. Who said that a packed lunch is only reserved for nerds? Nowadays, almost everyone brings their own lunch to school and work. It guarantees fresher ingredients and cost-saving as well. It is also interesting to note that Chef Batali donates the sale proceeds of these bags to The Food Bank of New York City and The Lunchbox Fund - the latter aimed at providing lunch for AIDS-orphaned in South Africa. So when you purchase a Mario Batali original lunch bag, you would also contribute towards a noble cause.

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