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luas drivers issued cooler bags in bid to resolve packed lunches row

by:Osgoodway     2020-02-27
Transdev, Luas operator, has distributed more than 100 refrigerated bags to drivers in an attempt to resolve a dispute over packed lunches, which could cost up to € 250,000.
This unusual move is in response to Siptu\'s claim that the new work arrangement means that some drivers on the green line can no longer go to work with packed lunches because they will be in a taxi
Siptu told the labor court that before the Luas Cross City Line was opened, the driver started the day\'s work from Sandford warehouse where he could have lunch.
But it says some drivers are now being asked to take a lunch break at the New Broom Bridge warehouse in Cabra, where they can\'t eat packed lunches.
This will lead to an increase in the cost of drivers, Siptu said.
John Murphy, organizer of the Siptu transport division, warned yesterday that if the dispute was not resolved, it had the potential to vote for the driver\'s industrial action.
He issued a warning after predicting that the vote on the labor court proposal will be rejected by Siptu members in the next two weeks.
Kevin welfare of the Labor Court advised Transdev to \"commit to ensuring that the refrigerated bags can safely ship the driver\'s packed lunch from warehouse to warehouse \".
In response, Mr. Murphy said: \"We do not believe that the refrigerated bags will keep the packed lunches fresh because they will last for three to four hours in a warm taxi.
\"Few or no drivers use these bags\", he added \".
To resolve the dispute, Mr. Murphy said that Siptu wanted all drivers on the green line to have lunch breaks at Sandford train station.
Transdev stated that it would cost € 250,000 per year to acknowledge Siptu\'s claim and that the 2016 agreement between the parties excluded any costs --
Increase the claim within the validity period of the transaction.
In its recommendation, and in the crackdown on Siptu\'s claim, the Labor Court stated that it was reasonable to require Luas drivers to rest in a warehouse other than his or her originating warehouse.
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