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jim carrey: fox news \'a media colostomy bag that has begun to burst at the seams\'

by:Osgoodway     2020-02-24
Jim Kelly said a few harsh words to Fox News.
In a statement Friday, Carrey said the conservative news network was \"a media pocket that began to break \".
\"Kelly\'s problem with Fox News stems from his recent reaction.
Gun lobby video \"cold dead hands\" made with antics or deaths.
Fox newsman Greg Goodfield attacked Kelly after the video went viral, saying, \"he\'s probably the most pathetic tool on Earth, and I hope his career is over, I hope he will eventually sleep in the car. [. . . ]
This video makes me want to go out and buy a gun.
He thought it was a satire on rural America and a dead man. . .
He\'s a dirty, smelly coward. . .
He is a poor, sad, little monster.
He\'s a mess.
He\'s a modern hybrid.
Carrey responded to some attacks on Twitter. -
\"I wanted to personally respond to all the conservative bundles, but I was too busy to stumble over the gun company,\" he wrote . \"-
But on Friday things took another step forward.
Carrey\'s full statement to Fox News is as follows: since I posted this week a \"cold dead hand\" video about antics or deaths, I \'ve been watching Fux News rant, rave showed sharp teeth and slandered me maliciously because I opposed big magazines and assault rifles.
If I feel that they deserve my time, or that anyone with a brain in their head may be attracted to this irresponsible deception, I will legally let them do the task.
This will cause them too much attention, which is what they really care about.
I just want to say: In my opinion, Fux News is kinda-sorta-almost-
Selection of journalists subject to serious restrictions due to extreme and intolerable views;
Media colon pockets that have already started to break at the seams should be emptied before becoming a public health issue.
I sincerely believe that good people will lose patience with the despicable and toxic behavior of these bullies, and Fux News will be remembered because it is just a huge cultural fart and there is not much Garlique to heal.
I wish them good luck in this malice.
Kelly did not back down on Twitter either.
In March 28, he wrote that the success of the \"cold dead hand\" was to \"force intolerable mobs everywhere to show their ugly faces \".
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