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It is time for British style to return the ivory tower

by:Osgoodway     2020-08-09

'Mr. Carving, dress art director

Reporter: this year Cambridge satchel bags and other single shoulder straps bags are very popular, do you think why?

Carving sir: people of classic, inside collect English style recognition and yearning for ivory tower is the reasons of the popularity of Cambridge pack. The mailman bag is trying to lose people fled and frivolous, for the past life of reluctance of plain performance. The campus is pure and simplicity of the postman, as well as their original functional decided the postman bag and Cambridge pack have no gorgeous jacket, and that also makes them easier to match.

Reporter: what do you think of Cambridge pack?

Carving sir: for many people who have left the campus, Cambridge satchel bag is good thing to remember for the past memories. Though not back to the past, but in the Cambridge pack back when leisure, walk on the grandiose world, as if that kind of green, good time still will reappear. But it is itself the metaphor that famous complex, caused by the Cambridge pack the representative of the symbol and the things, make new and old intellectuals sincerely love.

Reporter: you this season also introduced many British style bag, in your opinion, Cambridge wrapped in design, production, when you pay attention to?

'PAPA, Bach m bits accessories designer

Reporter: from the trend of the postman bag and Cambridge pack corolla shoulder belt single backpack shoulders to see, they seem to color is more onefold, rarely appears flowery decorative pattern, is this why?

PAPA: it is in order to keep it customary style and quality sense, modelling is simple, single colour or gorgeous or do old, more stylish rider restoring ancient ways, more go out, can reflect the more no sexual bag of character. Celine brand bag style of 'Classic package' and Mulberry Classic Alexa is the single color bag of supporters.

Reporter: Cambridge pack and the mailman bag, many are 'no sex', this kind of 'no sex' bag bag is the development trend of the future?

PAPA: 'no sex' pack is indeed the future development trend of bag, female people more and more distinctive, thirst for more agile spontaneously and effortlessly modelling, men also became unwilling, eager to project their own fashion taste. The neutral, no boundaries design, can mix can be very individual character is all the pursuit of fashion.

Reporter: what kind of person do you think suits the mailman bag, Cambridge bags and other single shoulder straps long bag?

PAPA: anyone love fashion. The mailman bag, Cambridge bags and other single shoulder straps bag long to all kinds of style mix build, since the British form of stylish rider restoring ancient ways, the rural stylish rider, European and American street snap stylish rider...... It's very save worry.

Reporter: if you want to choose this season's tide long aglet bag bag, you recommend which kind?

PAPA: this season most of the tide in the shoulder bag with single is absolutely the geometry stereo, irregular. Such as Alexander wang lens face feeling small and very good collocation stylish future. This one season popular color is metallic color, mirror future sense. The proportion of exaggerated, or long or small or horizontal.

Reporter: if you do some improvement of Cambridge bag, what would you change?

PAPA: from the spin on the proportion or pull the body bag, present a kind of irregular shape, make it more future sense, exaggerated the cover, the bag with unique design wrapped in the cover with adjustable freely. Add some details geometrical feeling splicing, material on contrast.

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