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If you love winter, but you absolutely hate the

by:Osgoodway     2020-07-31

Whilst this jacket does not have a whole lot of frills, its functional for what it was made to be - a warm jacket. Plus, the hood within the jacket is extra large that makes it extremely nice for helmet wearer. The Patagonia Das Parka just weighs in about twenty four ounces yet it has all the features that an individual would require and want for cold weather activities.

Couple of months back I was selected to go with a friend to do a partial climb on Mt Whitney. The first thing I did was a lot of research on staying warm! I am certainly not a cold weather individual, and with altitudes at around 7,248 feet - which is half way up, I knew that the air was going to be a lot colder than it will be on the land below.

This is one of the factors I even know something about the Patagonia Das Parka! The design for the Patagonia Das Parka is specifically for climbing; however, you can and would also see people using it for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and several other cold weather activities. This jacket even contains a stuff sack for the jacket when its not in use, say, in your duffel bag or back pack.

Few individuals complain that the size of the stuff pack with the jacket is extremely big, but sometimes in life you have to compromise! With this jacket where it might be a little bigger than anticipated, you will not have to carry a lot of other garments in your bag as the Parka would keep you as warm as you want to be! Believe me, if I say this jacket is warm it definitely without a doubt is. I will not be caught dead wearing anything else for cold weather activities.

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