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how to throw the perfect baby shower

by:Osgoodway     2020-02-15
Want to know how to throw the perfect baby shower?
Carley Roney, editor-in-chief of The pump.
Com shares some tips for getting your baby to take a shower, from invitations and offers to food, games and gifts.
This section will be divided into three stations: the first station will highlight some of the ideas of invitation and help.
The second stop will focus on food and games, and the third will feature some interesting and stylish gift ideas.
Invitation and preferential trends news debate highlights the invitation to the missing student death Missouri abortion clinic to photograph \"curating\" the arrest: custom baby book invitation from New York Ceci, best parenting tips
For those owners who want to really get to the top of the list, we love the idea of designing a baby shower invite as if it were a book.
This is a play in the children\'s book \"Madeline\" and all the artwork is customized --
Drawn by Ceci in New York.
We added text about the upcoming baby shower, and at the back is a plugin where guests can write their favorite parenting tips for momsto-be.
Guests bring the plug-ins to the shower so they can be put together to make personalized parenting manuals and souvenirs.
According to Roney, this is a great way to combine gifts with invitations.
Other guests can contribute their parenting skills, so friends will give you good advice.
A big trend for video invitations now invites is to make video emailsvite!
Baby shower host can be in-
Go home and send to guest by email.
This is a good choice for the last one
Also need a minute invitation to go out;
This is the budget-friendly!
It\'s personal and fun, says Ronnie.
You just need to create a small video and use the webcam and email.
Send it to your guest.
It\'s an interesting, cheap way to spread the word.
It\'s more personalized than a standard email. vite.
Advantages: Candy baby socks is a lovely way to bring benefits to the candy that the baby takes a shower.
Just buy a bunch of baby socks, fill them with all kinds of candy, and tie them with ribbons.
Some guests can even give their socks back to their mothers. to-
She can use it in a few weeks.
People always give Candy and Candy in the wedding shower, but for the sake of this busy, what makes it special is the packaging.
Go out and buy a pair of baby socks that are very cheap.
Buy some candy, fill the socks with candy and tie them with ribbons.
Then, once the baby is born, the guests can return the socks to the mother, so this is a very practical help.
The \"shower\" umbrella is actually the idea of a baby shower, giving gifts to guests with an umbrella!
Personalize the umbrella with the label of the guest\'s name.
This is a practical gift that guests actually use.
Roney says it\'s a shower, so why not offer some shower protection?
This is a gift and everyone can use the umbrella, so why not use the umbrella as a party gift that we often use? umbrellas?
You can personalize them with these tags.
Everyone knows there\'s a saying, mom-to-
Would like to have pickles and ice cream.
So, play the idea and build a stand for kimchi and ice cream craving!
We put different flavors of kimchi in the jar and match it with ice cream.
Guests can also add their favorite toppings to it.
Baby shower is not a baby shower without food.
Pregnant women are known to crave ice cream and kimchi, Roney said.
Salty Sweet
These are the pieces of the show: kimchi in the glass jar, and then some ice cream strips sprinkled on it.
Another huge desire for pregnancy is candy!
You can pair the mini cupcakes with milkshakes of different flavors.
Roney said it was really cute and interesting.
It is well decorated.
They are perfect for afternoon showers if you do not want to provide boring or heavy items.
This is a perfect cunning baby shower game even non
Mother guests will also like it.
Just buy a pack of small onesies in white for future babies, as well as fabric markers.
Let guests design their own custom clothing for babies and mothersto-
Choose her favorite!
Also, the baby now has a lot of new custom clothes!
Make sure you buy onesies of different sizes so the baby can wear it when growling, he says it\'s a great event for everyone.
Go out and buy a few bags of pure white jumpsuit and some cloth markers.
Each guest can design it himself.
Don\'t be bothered by all the newborns.
But different sizes, so mom can use them in the first year of the baby\'s birth.
This is a fun game that will make the guests in the baby shower laugh!
Color head portrait for each guest\'s motherand dad-to-
A piece of paper with the outline of the baby\'s head.
Treat people to make one-of-a-
By cutting out and gluing the eyes, nose, mouth and other features from the parents, this is a kind baby face --to-be photos. Mom-to-
Her favorite styling determines the winner.
According to Roney, it will definitely cause a lot of laughter.
You can see photos of parents, even grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.
Guests will cut their eyes, nose and hair and re-cut them.
Assemble it into what they think the baby will look like.
These can also be used as double the decoration of the room, giving a fun feeling.
Of course, you have to award the prize for the winner.
Who doesn\'t love karaoke? !
You can use a karaoke machine with nursery rhyme CD or play some nursery rhyme on your iPod.
Divide guests into groups and have them sing along with nursery rhymes, but at some point in the song the host stops the music and guests have to try to sing it out and remember the lyrics.
Remember the most lyrics, sing the best team, win!
It\'s fun to rap and rock.
We all know these basketball songs, but can you really remember the lyrics of the song?
For this game you divide people into groups, start playing the song and pause to see if people can remember the rest of the lyrics.
There are a lot of gifts for baby diapers, which means that new parents are constantly running out to buy more diapers. Amazon.
Com has a subscription and save program in which you can buy diapers for one, two, three or even five months.
Choose from Pampers, hugs, the seventh generation and a variety of different diaper brands.
In addition, free delivery saves 15%.
Roney says these gift cards are practical.
Basically, Amazon has a service that will provide a box of diapers depending on the supply you get.
Mothers are always very grateful, they don\'t have to drag diapers, they take up a lot of space in the shopping cart.
You can get different brands in different time periods. Non-
Mom, look at diapers. to-
Be want to wear a bag that really looks like a diaper!
The Temi and Leslie Ruby convertible baby bags are very beautiful and can be used as a diaper bag or hand bag!
The bag is filled with baby essentials such as changing diaper pads, bottle tote bags, stroller straps, diaper wipe boxes and more.
\"It\'s a diaper bag and don\'t cry\" I just had a baby, \"Roney said \".
This baby bag is very cute,
Once your child grows up a little, you can use it as a handbag or even as a bag to bring things to work.
Shopping is sometimes compared to buying a car!
The Quinny 4 complete stroller stands out for futuristic design.
The gas spring technology means that the stroller can be fully expanded automatically (
So no more wrestling to open it).
There are two front wheels together so great for maneuver
Even in the rugged terrain
Ergonomic seats to make your baby comfortable-
Choose two reclining and sitting positions, and the option to position the seat in front or back.
Roney called it a new stroller.
There are a lot of new styles, which is great, it has cool futuristic designs that are easy to open and easy to manipulate on rugged terrain.
In addition, there are different options for the location of the baby and many different accessories. Eco-
Friendly new parents are very clear about things on and around the baby.
A basket of ecology
Friendly things are perfect gifts, organic teething toys, organic onesies, and even organic hat towels.
Some moms are very sensitive to toxins, so there are some great toys and accessories that are eco-friendly, says Roney
Friendly, like toys, towels, clothes and bottles.
This is a good idea for wishing well-
Everyone brings the idea of a green baby gift for the baby to fill the basket.
Make it a green theme.
All of the above gifts are available on Amazon. com.
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