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how to stay warm with wool blanket and dakota fire hole

by:Osgoodway     2020-03-02
Video and photo illustrations)
Explain why you are ready?
For survival, what survival items should you have, along with tips for survival items, and their use for each of the recommended items stored in your survival luggage bag.
In these uncertain moments, it is best to prepare for the worst.
Look at the news. the worst situation has not yet arrived.
There is trouble all over the world.
The trouble of the government, the trouble of war, terrorism and natural disasters will make the best use of your living materials.
I suggest you read \"How to survive if you have to leave home\" before reading this article \".
This article is a continuation of \"how to survive if you have to leave your home.
\"Because you can only carry so many things in the luggage bag, you want to put the survival supplies in so that you can get the most out of it, because you can\'t run to the shop in the monastery
Keep your thoughts and suggestions in mind so that if you find yourself struggling, you can take advantage of what you have learned here.
I believe you may never have thought a lot of such an idea and one day it will save the life of you or the person you love.
100% wool Blanc 100% wool blanket: can be used for multiple purposes, which is why you should put one in your survival kit or luggage bag.
This video will show you the right way to wrap with a wool blanket.
This method will keep you warmest, and keep your whole body warm when you sleep, including your head and face.
Put on your wool blanket, you can put on your wool blanket and keep the rain away from you while you\'re running.
Your wool blanket will keep you warm and dry.
Here\'s a video showing the way you can wear a wool blanket if you don\'t have a jacket, or just for extra body temperature, or keep the rain away from you. .
If it is 100% wool, you can also make arain bomb shelter.
When the rain comes, it will pop off your blanket.
Your blanket can also be a good water collector.
\"The wool is dry soon\" so don\'t worry about getting your wool blanket wet.
Best Use of magnify valmagnify Glass Magnifying Glass: perfect for reading your survival books and better looking at edible weeds.
Also, make sure you add a magnifying glass to the survival items in your luggage bag.
Your magnifying glass can be used to pull a Thorn, and more importantly, to make a fire.
The best fire pit is called the Dakota fire pit.
This fire hole is the best.
The best way to make a fire when you don\'t want to get noticed is to run, which is the way you want to cook and warm.
The Dakota fire pit allows you to cook with very little smoke.
In the evening, it will emit very little light, which you want if you are running.
You can also use a Dakota fire pit in your sanctuary to keep the light and keep the mosquitoes away from your sanctuary.
On top of that, the Dakota fire pit is safe in dry conditions, safer in your sanctuary and you can easily put out fire.
If you are running, you do not want to leave any evidence that you were there even before digging the Dakota fire pit.
Cut out the circle so you can pull a large piece of turf before digging the hole.
Keep those turf blocks near your fire pit.
Then, in any emergency, you can quickly plug two holes with the turf, thus safely putting out the fire, with little smoke.
This is a short film about the Dakota fire pit.
This video will let you know how much smoke is generated from the Dakota fire pit.
In this video, I noticed some very large rocks that you can also use to cover holes in the Dakota fire pit to be seen by anyone if you hear planes or helicopters flying nearby.
Dakota fire pit video: you can light the fire with a magnifying glass or any original way.
Collect the lint from the dryer put into the Ziploc bag and add it to your survival bag.
Wash a gallon of milk can: After you take out all the small survival items from the milk can, the milk can play a variety of roles.
You can collect and filter water with a handkerchief.
Fold the handkerchief several times, then cover the hole and filter unwanted pieces into the kettle while filling the water.
It is not recommended to drink the water you have just filtered, it is better to boil it in a cooker for at least 15 minutes to kill any bacteria that may be present in the water.
Even if you manage to go somewhere with clear water, it is always recommended that you boil any drinking water.
You can cook with filtered water, as long as the water is boiling during cooking, there is no need to boil first.
You can catch min fish with your gallon can.
Just use the dead to bait the jar.
Then sink the kettle until it is full and the holes are barely submerged under water.
Find a shallow area with concentrated min fish.
Sometimes, if there are a lot of ows fish, they swim directly in the jar without any bait.
6 feet clear plastic: You can also collect water from your solar distiller into your milk can.
If you don\'t have water, 6 feet of the plastic you use to get water.
Keep in mind that the water will flow to the lowest point.
The water accumulates at a lower level, and the further down, the more water you can extract.
You can also use your stew with the same principle.
You can collect water from the water source placed in the cooker, then put the coffee pot or anything that can keep the water in the middle of the pot on the cooker, put the plastic on the cooker as shown in the video, plastic depression.
The evaporated water will run to the lowest point of the plastic and then enter whatever you use to collect the water. (
You don\'t need a hose)
When you are ready to drink water, you use a plastic faucet, which will cause the water to run out of your water collector, then gently lift one end of the plastic and ride it down to get you a water collector, then drink some water which is recommended to save you half the water you collect each time so you have enough water to drink.
If you plan to stay in one place for a few days, both techniques are available. If you plan to purify your water with the sun, do not cut your plastic to hold the pan.
If you are going to heat your water with fire, cut your plastic into the shape that fits the pot.
Don\'t let the pot heat, just heat the water enough to start the evaporation process or you will melt the plastic.
6 feet of the water purifying clear plastic can also be used to lie on the ground while sleeping to keep moisture.
Especially if you are not anywhere, you can use your wool blanket as a shelter to wash your wool blanket or your wool blanket.
Water filtration system: Obviously you can\'t carry water if you are running.
You can\'t stop anywhere to make pure water before you get away from danger.
Water filtration is only a temporary solution.
In order to survive and move on, you must keep moisture until you are in a safe place.
If you have no way to purify the water and you have found a stream or other water source, you can dig a hole of 10 or 15 feet from your water source inland so that you can get a safe one
Here are some video instructions on getting safe drinking water.
It is recommended to learn other ways to purify water.
If you \'ve ever been in a state of survival, you may have to get someone out of danger, or you may find yourself in a state of emergency and suggest how to carry someone.
It\'s always a good idea to learn how to lift and carry someone without hurting yourself.
The article is guided and illustrated step by step.
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