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how to sew backpack straps

by:Osgoodway     2021-01-22
Backpack straps are usually made from nylon bundles, similar to belt straps.
Nylon is strong but easy to wear.
Before sewing, you need to prepare the original end of the nylon backpack strap, so your new strap will be strong, as long as the rest of the backpack is available.
You also need to use heavy-
On-duty sewing machine with 18-
Due to the thickness of the strap, use a gauge needle when sewing a nylon strap.
Cut the end of the worn belt.
If the ends have been cut straight, do not cut them shorter.
Place the strap in a metal clamp 2 inch away from the cutting edge.
Through the flame of the lighter through the edge of the cut strap, the woven nylon fibers are melted together using a smooth, continuous motion.
The melting part of the strap is only between 1/16 and 1/8 to melt the fiber.
Overlap the straps at least 2 inch. Sew a boxed-
X Stitch by sewing a square 1/4 at the top of the overlap
Stretch out an inch from the overlapping edge and cross the square diagonally.
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